Monday 1 April 2013


Let's not mention I have been an elusive ninja, should we? Let's not point out Easter has been colder than Christmas this year (meteorological fact), should we? Let's also ignore the fact I am home feeling bleh the moment we have four days off and the sun is gloriously shining out there (icy cold but shiny and bright). Should we ignore that too?
Okay then. Let's just talk LIGHT. Yes. Welcome, welcome, we have missed you. Are you here to stay? Are you? Splendid.

Here are a few random snippets of light and reflections taken in the last couple of weeks. Even subway stations are beautiful right now.  
SPRING! Bring it on.

Tuesday 29 January 2013

ba ba boom

Anish Kapoor. Say no more, right? Well, at least in my world. 
Last time I saw some of his great pieces in person it was at the Met in New York. Well, on Saturday I did again, in Tilburg, at Museum De Pont and it was fab. Again.

Here are some very mature self-portraits. I am so glad I grabbed my striped cardy upon leaving the house in a rush in the morning. It worked wonders on the pieces. Judge by yourselves.
Way ay, look at me doing the splits... not. 
By the way, this piece does not have the magic ability of making people's heads fade into white blobs, I just wanted to grant unsuspecting visitors to the museum some privacy. That is the kind of ninja I am. 

But wait, I nearly forgot to show you the piece of resistance of the exhibition. Ba ba boom.
Bare with it (if you wish, that is). The whole thing is a bit theatrical, but you get your ba ba boom at the end. 

I reckon it is the first time ever I have shown my face here. Well, there you have it.

Thursday 24 January 2013

bottoms up

The city looking gorgeous under a blanket of snow is what we found after coming out of an all-day concert for little-known bands. Very strange this being at a gig marathon while there is light outside.

Beautiful but tricky snow. I ended up slipping on the snow/ice and landing on my derrière bike and all. Tail bone pain is not good, I am telling you. Clumsy ninja :)

Tuesday 15 January 2013

hello winter and hello fellow internetters...


Hello. Let's try and keep this thing going, should we? By this royal "we" I obviously mean me.
It is winter. Properly. You all know. The interwebs are full of it. 
This post is far from original. Yet, I love this unedited winter telephotos. What I also really enjoyed very much was the calm muffled city bustle when I left the house early this morning.

Monday 12 November 2012

brown town

autumn in the city...
Nothing says autumn like leaves, skies and feet.

Saturday 3 November 2012

my own private rear window

I have always been a big fan of Hitchcock's Rear Window. This time of the year I often think of it when I get home in the evening and, before turning the lights on, this is the view that greets me.
A beautiful theatre play going on at the other side of the canal. Dinner being prepared, books being read, hair being combed, pyjamas being put on... The below were taken on Thursday at 18:22, 18:53 and 22:47 respectively (and to be nerdily precise.) 

We are planning on watching the film one of these evenings too. Here are two stills of the set.

Wednesday 24 October 2012

malenconia, heimwee, morriña, homesickness, saudade, mal du pays...

SUMMER BARCELONA from Pau García Laita on Vimeo.

I have no time to post the promised Portuguese & Mexican pics at the mo. However, I do not want to abandon this space for too long so here is a fab tilt-shift video that nearly made me cry yesterday. That nostalgic yearning sometimes, ei...

Wednesday 10 October 2012


Some travel pictures coming up soon. I spent last weekend in Lisbon. Utter ♥.

(Image via here)

Sunday 30 September 2012

esos cielos otoñales...

More skies. 
I have not been doing much more than working, writing and observing lately. So here is what I have been seeing in the evening out of my living room window. 
I looooove those skies. I do not love the fact autumn (and by default winter immediately after) is on its way. But the skies, the skies I adore.
Another two I just found. Also taken in Amsterdam (different bit of the city) in August.

Tuesday 25 September 2012

ay, autumn (+ belated tomareness)

Well, hello there. 
Should I say it? Go on then: "long time, no ninja". Ah, this ninja never tires of repeating herself.

Right, what has happened lately? Lots and not much at the same time, I suppose. Like in everyone else's life, right? Ups, downs, ins and outs. I had a pretty rough beginning of the year and it has taken its toll in many ways but it is onwards and upwards and... What do you know? Autumn is already knocking at the door. That sneaky bugger.

Here is some proof.

I have also been on hols in Mexico lindo y queridooooooo, which I seriously needed and which involved attending a friend's wedding, which was a blast.

Just before I left though, I got a lovely package from a lovely knitting geologist from Italy. It was the corner to corner tenugui. Unfortunately I was packing a rucksack and had no time right then but I have sent my pressies on now. Joanne's tomare tenugui made it safely to the north of the Netherlands this week to a fluttery, airy, light household.
On it goes, around the world.

Thanks so much again. I loved the parcel. The only thing is that being the stressed out ninja that I was before the hols, I never properly posted about it. Here it is now. Better late, 'ey.

Thursday 7 June 2012

Monday 4 June 2012

go. now.

Seriously. Leave whatever you are doing and hit the nearest cinema.
I am not telling you much as I hate helping build up the wrong sort of expectation (plus it opened Cannes so, it is not exactly a secret film project).

Go. Now. What are you waiting for? All of you: big and small.

Monday 28 May 2012

num, dum, hum... bum?

Long time no... nuffin'. It has been a difficult winter.
But... Look at that wonderful gentleman (102 at the time of recording!) and his superb trick.

'ello blog world. You still there?

Sunday 8 April 2012

bcn, mon amour

Barcelona airport exactly a week ago (to the minute).