Monday, 30 August 2010

dancing raisin and suicidal tomato

Lazy bloguera. Yes, that's correct. That out of the way, let's proceed, shall we?

There's so much I want to post here, but I seem to get sidetracked all the time. Basically, I have simply accepted I could not be much arsed with it lately.
However, I reckon I may be up to it again so lots of ninja shots (and not only of my feet, mind you) taken in Ukraine; snippets of Amsterdam; funny anecdotes; glow-in-the-dark kangaroos; a wedding party on a boat; a plastic magic aeolian creature; talk of sardines; huge sailing boats and so much more. So, no complaining allowed, you should count yourselves lucky to read this highly entertaining blog.

Let's start with a very chilled Sunday. The weather was miserable so it was decided the only way to go was to spend the day indoors reading and watching La Dolce Vita and Being There in one's pjs. So, here's a domestic post of sorts with silly mobile phone pics taken in a radius of about 20 square metres. Sounds dead daft (and it bloody is) but I enjoy my telephotony, so that's all you getting today, I'm afraid.

Mad changing-by-the-minute weather.

Suicidal tomato that could not be bothered with gale-force winds. I know, it was windy, but no need to jump ship, mate. Said tomato all over the house 'cos I am obsessed with it.

Plants in the balcony going mental at the wrong end of the season, while lilies inside (lovely pressie) are just not opening at all. Pancakes and cava (another lovely pressie) merienda in the afternoon just because. Note the handsome Arabian cava head dress. Ha. (And it worked, it stayed bubbly overnight.)

Soooo, before I'm off to the Eels in a minute (cannot wait), I leave you with a party trick. 
I have no proper cava/champagne glasses (much more impressive in those, I'm sure) but this should do (high tech and serious quality as usual.) I am easily entertained, me.


  1. if I was a tomato, probably I would go suicidal too. I would know that someday, somehow a cruel knife would come to hit me. so... f***k it!
    And this reminds me of one of those great proverbs you showed me once, long, long time ago:
    Tanto si el melón cae en el cuchillo, como si el cuchillo cae en el melón, el que sufre siempre es el melón.
    En este caso, el tomate.
    xxx ninja!

  2. Oh - I want to see pictures from the Ukraine! And I hope you enjoyed the Eels! I too have been a poor blogger of late - must try to rectify it!

  3. OK, the tomatoes are back and have definitely taken over the house after the balcony. The invasion is on. This being said, I totally like the cosy look of your place, congrats on what you've done with it!

    P.S. Is that a fish in the glass? No? Thought so.

  4. you weren't trying to drown your tomato with the party trick, were you? an olive?

  5. did the raisin get all bloated in the end? i'm sure it wasn't good for her health, swimming in that cava. but what a nice way to go, i have to give you that.


  6. Ahahahahah... I don't understand everything but it's fun !

  7. the eels were BLOODY SPECTACULAR. one of the best gigs I've been to lately. not his old gloomy self that lad (seems to be in love and I have to say it suits both him and the music.) ramalamalamadingdong.

    (raisin. dancing raisin.)

  8. hahaha! and this is why i love you:)

  9. nena q poses a la copa???



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