Monday, 19 January 2009

knowing one's onions...

A few years ago, whilst a student living in the UK (ahem, let's re-phrase: many years ago, whilst a student living in the UK), my adorable yet bonkers friend E sent me this on the mail.
It came on a brown leather string (I seem to remember) and it is one of la ninja's old nicknames, born years ago playing around with the letters of yet another previous nickname. Either way, hilarious as it was I don't think I ever wore it or, at least, I never did in public. (Okay, if you are reading, E, just imagine yourself walking around a small Spanish town wearing a necklace reading "CEBOLLAS" hanging from your neck... Nah, it just doesn't work, too much attention-seeking and not necessarily of the right kind!). The hilarity of it all didn't go unnoticed by my flatmates but that's as far as it went, I decided not to share it with the rest of the world.

However, a couple of weeks ago, during the Xmas break I found the loose letters inside a little tin box in my old bedroom at my parents' apartment so I took them with me. I have just strung them (rather rudimentary) through a simple black thread and they are now hanging on the cork board in the hallway. I still know my onions, me!


  1. jajajaja, ay que risa!!


  2. I also cracked up when I read it!
    I know i told you that on the phone but i had to leave my words in here as well.

  3. CEBOLLAS would be cool... rearrange the letters and you get CABELLOS, or BLOC SALE. Can't do that with ONIONS.

  4. oh my! I never thought a nickname could give such a bunch of subjects to discuss...
    at least not one like onions
    cracking up again!


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