Sunday, 1 February 2009

fingers crossed...

This is the b-day card (of sorts) I've just posted for a good friend back home. I'm a sucker for these quasi-retro prints!

She's moved house recently and I didn't have her new address so I looked her up on the white pages but, just in case, decided to give google maps a go too. (Yes, people at google, free advertising, not that you need any!!! Am I getting any free gadgets/widgets/whatever you call 'em in exchange? Nah, didn't think so!) Anyway, the swimming pool I saw on the satellite image looked familiar (I've only been in their new apartment once and yes, they have a swimming pool where they live! Some people, I know!) so... fingers crossed this is getting to the right place and on time (but in case it doesn't: "Moltes felicitats, reina!")

It's freezing cold out there, by the way. Just went out to do a couple of errands and post the card but no-one's getting me out of the house again today, I will resist any advances! (Unless, of course, they forcibly hoist me out with the help of a crane, that could possibly work...)

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  1. Hola ninjita.
    I have to say that i was celebrating that birthday with that friend of yours and I amb a witness that the postcard has arrived!

  2. I know, lurvely, she texted me as soon as she got it, which I thought was dead sweet too!
    Cheers, glad it made it there (nearly) on time!


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