Saturday, 14 February 2009

from my kitchen to yours

Rubbish as I am at this sort of things sometimes, I forgot to wish a colleague good luck before she went to hospital. The day after, when I realised it was d-day (appropriate, right?) and that I wouldn't see her for a bit, I decided I'd send her a text. Later I thought she'd probably be totally spaced-out (yes, I think too much) and didn't want her to feel obliged to reply.

Incidentally, she had joked I had to blog daily for her entertainment during her home-bound recovery (no pressure, like!) so it struck me that the best way to say "Ciao girlie, I hope (I'm sure) it all went well" would be a silly post.

So there: a silly post featuring a random
still life; from my kitchen to yours! I'd actually been wanting to test whether a picture taken from a particular angle could make the simple reality of, say, the dishes after breakfast look good. I think it kind of does, washing-up liquid bubbles and all. From gritty to quasi-pretty!

Hugs dear, I hope you're on the mend! x

Oh yeah, should you be a V-day fan (I'm not), I've just realised you can always imagine those scissors are a heart of sorts and, hey presto, here's your theme post of the day! ;)


  1. AAhhhhh, this is soooooooo sweet of you! Grazie, dear, it made me smile and it feels good! Still not all is ok here, fighting with the recovery, but hopefully it will all be over and back to normal soon. You take care and keep on taking nice pictures of your everyday life (I do think it IS a nice picture, very still life like, indeed),
    hugzzzzzz, D

  2. No worries, hun! Haven't been all that productive lately, though! Bit knackered...
    Hope you're doing well and feeling a little bit better each day!
    Hux back! :)


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