Wednesday, 25 February 2009

say cabrales...

Pretty, isn't it? And random, indeed.
I was looking for an English description of requesón
(I know, I know... domestic what? Nigella tremble!) for this lady here when I came across this fa-bu-lous poster. The thing is I've seen it before (or a similar version) at Barcelona airport, hanging at one of the delicatessen shops. But not only that, every single time I walk by it I ponder (with myself) how wonderfully cheesy it would be to have one on the kitchen wall and make a mental note to look it up!
And now... look at that! You wish for and, hey presto, the Internets provide
! :)

Here's where the map lives. I have simply taken a bit of it (it said you could there, anyway) and the boy has twisted, turned, converted and chopped it for me 'cos, much as I would like to know how, I have to admit I have NO bloody clue how to convert a huge and heavy pdf file into an uploadable image.
I-will-learn! (A ninja never surrenders!)

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