Tuesday, 10 February 2009

so, basically, following his advice by nicking his quote...

I'm not planning on making this an inspiration blog (I reckon that's bloody obvious though! Who would be able to draw inspiration from a crappy video -resolution too low, sound too high- of me playing with lip gloss in a café on a Sunday afternoon?)

However I loved this quote I read at noquedanblogs the other day (as I love most Jim Jarmuschisms, in all their different forms) and decided to share it with whoever reads this. Does anyone read this? I believe someone does. Do you believe? "If you believe, clap your hands; don't let Tink die".


  1. Me, reading and loving the last sentence, from JLG. So, what do we steal next? I just finished stealing an anonymous identity, as you may have noticed... Feel better now. Ciao

  2. hi again superninjita, i don't know if familiar culture counts in here.
    If it does, don't erase this message and if it doesn't then through me to the bin. :(
    anyway what i wanted to say is that by familiar tradition at home i have always been hearing sayings, some of them are old and very well known by spanish/catalan population. Others are brad new.
    For instance: for this trip i didn't need horse bags- read as: para este viaje no hacen falta alforjas.
    or the virgin always appears to the walkers- read as: siempre le sale la virgen a los caminantes. This does not mean that the walkers are on drugs or anything... o maybe they are?
    God! with this sayings I'm always learning something new!
    big kiss ninjita

  3. hi again,
    there is a great sentence from my point of view from A. Tchejov:
    Intelligent men want to learn, the rest want to teach.

  4. Yup, Donatellina!
    Good combo JLG and JJ in one go... not bad for Tuesday evening inspiration! ;)

  5. Again, yup, toppina!
    You know I LOVE your mum's sayings, dear!
    And just for da record: no, there'll be no throwing nobody into no bin in 'ere, like! ;)

  6. Right, just for the record (again, another day, another record ;):

    By "inspiration blog" I meant "inspiration" in the blogging sense, i.e. re-posting interesting/beautiful (thus inspirational) stuff found through other blogs.

    I was playing a bit with the fact that this particular quote was "inspirational" (as in regarding inspiration as such) plus that I was posting something I had found via some other blog (and none other than a purely inspiration blog).



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