Friday, 2 October 2009

c.k. watt?

As far as I'm concerned the below is one of the best comedic dialogues ever. I'm a bit of a language buff so, obviously, I love this sort of Babel-like misunderstanding nonsense.
Fawlty Towers still makes me giggle every time I watch it. I got my dad the whole series last Xmas and I think I can still hear his belly laugh when we watched this bit together. He's a great fan.
It must run in the family.

Mrs Richards: Is there anyone else in attendance here? Really, this is the most appalling service I've ever h...
Polly: Good idea! Manuel, could you lend Mrs Richards your assistance in connection with her reservation?
Manuel looks puzzled
Mrs Richards: Now, I've reserved a very quiet room, with a bath and a sea view. I specifically asked for a sea view in my written confirmation, so please make sure I have it.
Manuel: Qué?
Mrs. Richards: What?
Manuel: Qué?
Mrs. Richards: K?
Manuel: Sí.
Mrs. Richards: C? K.C.? K.C.? What are you trying to say?
Manuel: No, no, no, no. Qué, "what."
Mrs. Richards: K. Watt?
Manuel: Sí, qué, "what."
Mrs. Richards: C. K. Watt?
Manuel: Yes!
Mrs. Richards: Who is C. K. Watt?
Manuel: Qué?
Mrs. Richards: Is he the manager, Mr. Watt?
Manuel: Oh! Manajer!
Mrs. Richards: He is?
Manuel: Ah! Mr. Fawlty!
Mrs. Richards: What?
Manuel: Fawlty!
Mrs. Richards: What are you talking about, you silly little man? (to Polly) What is going on here? I ask him for my room and he tells me the manager is a Mr. Watt, aged forty.
Manuel: No, no, no, Fawlty.
Mrs. Richards: Faulty? What's wrong with him?

Should you have some time to spare, here's just an excerpt of the hilarious Communication Problems episode (one including the above conversation as well as another precious disagreement regarding Mrs. Richards room with a view.)

c.k. watt is one of the labels I've been using on this blog when c.k. watt-sort-sitos arise. I love to say it out loud. We often do in the house now. It definitely applies when people of different nationalities get/live together. Defo.

Oh yeah, not sure whether the actual experience was any good, but when I read this article back in August, the idea really made me smile.


  1. You really made me laugh here, which is particularly good for me right now. Thanx Ninja ;-)

  2. hey bellina, glad to hear :)

    I actually typed this post last... march!
    found it in the depths of the lonely and abandoned draft posts archive, dusted it a bit, made it sort of presentable and programmed it to be published today.

    good timing, then. need more laughs? do you like eddie izzard? look him up or check this one out:

    big hug and all the best this w-end. courage. x

  3. i love faulty towers. however my all time favorite sitcom is Sports Night. seriously check it out. great writing!

  4. i realized i never commented on this because i kept getting distracted by the video. i love it - and i love that you know the two languages well enough to appreciate the play on words between the worlds. hilarious!

  5. it is, in general, a great series and, in particular, a great episode and a great sketch.

    also, being a lass from barcelona studying in england you can probably imagine I had to endure some serious Manuel-based abuse from my mates ;) ("I know noooting. I ammm frommm Barzzeloona"). that and some fast show impersonations, monty python's spanish inquisition impersonations... should I go on? ha ha! :)

  6. jane, I've never heard of sports night. shall definitely check it out. thx.


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