Saturday, 28 March 2009

of chicks, lemons, friends, mottos and the flu

To my friend's disbelief and horror I'm roasting my first ever chicken today. M (who is basically a pro) couldn't believe that being on the wrong side of 30 (so far into it I'm nearly coming out the other side), I have never roasted one before. Well, hun, I've always had other stuff to do plus it's never too late to start, right? Right! The whole place stinks of shallots, now let's get some citruses up that bird's derrière!

And... speaking of lemons, I bought the fab print below at the end of last year but had not yet gotten off my backside and round to buying a frame for it. Silly really, but that's the way things go around here sometimes. I got a simple black frame last weekend and this baby's finally made it up on the wall. My new motto:
The tulips were brought by above-mentioned friend together with croissants & pains du chocolat. She phoned from my local market to see whether I wanted to go for a coffee but I was still in my pjs and feeling rather bleh (bit flu-ish and under the weather this week). Instead, she came round with goodies to cheer me up. Bless!! She's actually a bit of a nutter but... bless!! Gracias mamma, it really did the trick! ; )

So, basically, it seems I'm now well on my way to becoming both domestic goddess and everyday philosopher... Tremble Nigella and tremble Alain (no offence E, darling, I know you've got a massive crush on him)!

However, as
I cannot possibly acquire every print I fancy, I'm printing out the one below (the author himself is OK with that as long as it's not used for commercial purposes). I really like the take on the original WW II Keep Calm and Carry On British propaganda poster to be found everywhere nowadays (as well as many a spoof based on it) but what I love the most is the new proletarian crown!
Another great motto!!
I'm getting excited about making roast chicken, does that count?


  1. No problem Ninja. BTW if I was a man a would have a crush on Nigella as well. Sexy woman!

    What about "Get excited and make love"? Too obvious? Cheap? Maybe, but great for an East London clubbing T-shirt.

    Ms E

  2. Yellow!!

    Indeed, bit obvious, bit tacky, bit East London Club but, hey, whatever works for you, pet! ;P

    Don't care how many people fancy Miss Thang Nige (my mate M does too); I shall still manage to topple her, I shall become a serious contender and challenger to her crown...
    Here I come, the new domestic princess! Boo!

    I'm actually home with the flu and I reckon this cough medicine's causing serious drowsiness... Raaaaaaa, I'm melting, I'm melting! More cough syrup, MO-RE-COUGH-SY-RUP!

  3. Yes it does! Hope you fee better:)

  4. Phew, good to know it does! :)

    Getting there, slowly but surely getting there, another swig at that cough medicine bottle (I'm meeeeeling!) and off to bed. Hopefully, I'll have a less cloudy head and a less raspy throat tomorrow!

    I just checked you blog out and could not believe my eyes: a whole piece on Iceland! Plan is going with boy this August and should have been doing some research (which I haven't) so timing could not be better; will defo read everything tomorrow morning, nice one!

    Ta for your comment, Ulla :)

  5. I am not a NuTtEr....


  6. Point proven! Thank-you-very-mucho! :)


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