Sunday, 1 March 2009

quality but draining...

Finished reading this yesterday. Watched this a week or so ago (while still reading the above).

And yesterday evening I watched this other one.

Really liked them (particularly the first and last), sort of thing I enjoy. However, bit much on the unresolved issues-bitterness-resentment-emotional numbness-inability to move forward-front. All pretty draining for my sensible soul (!) so right now I'm just craving some of this:
Hang on... These are also full of family and social (non)acceptance issues and I remember they made me cry no end back in the day when I were a wee lass.
Bollex!! Just watch
this bollex instead. I know, it's advertising, but it still makes me smile.


  1. good morning my dear ninjita, I just passed by and wanted to say hello.
    And also I would like to add a comment talking about revolutionary road, I thought it was a great film, Sam Mendes reaches what he wants: to make me feel a "mal rollito" and to come out of the cinema even worse.
    They are spectacular (Kate and Leo).
    The more I think about this film the more I like it.
    Anyway there is another thing I wanted to say, I must have my hormones all upsite down 'cause I have been crying (several times) watching wall-e and ratatouille... yup! I know it's childish (as I am I guess) but the tenderness of this films gets under my skin... I don't know why... it's just because you mentioned the Bambi stuff...
    But hey! I can cry through Benjamin Button also... maybe I have no criteria at all!
    big kiss ninjita

  2. hiya,
    glad to hear you're getting to appreciate "revroad" more than when we last spoke! I really recommend "rachel getting married", honest!
    about your criteria... indeed, pretty useless if you just cry whatever you watch, ha ha! not sure you've gotten my point on the "bambi stuff", though!
    either way, just watch the ad which (HOPEFULLY) won't make you cry!!
    smack x


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