Thursday, 16 April 2009

bad polka dot, bad!

Bag Girl Polka Dot is the real title this pretty print goes by. I immediately took to it visually but it really made me giggle too, not only due to its delightful quirkiness but basically 'cos I misread the title. (I hope the artist doesn't mind... As if anyone ever read this! Ha!)

Polka Dot is the nickname of sorts (or rather, battle name) my mate
E got after a rather interesting (for lack of a better word) and rascally night in London a couple of years ago. It started both because she was wearing a fab red & white polka dot dress but also because she had a namesake in our little gang and no-one knew which E we were referring to. (To be perfectly honest, at one point none of us really knew what in sweet baby jay jay's name we were talking about, let alone whom we were talking to).

The thing is that when I first saw the print this morning I mistakenly read Bad Girl Polka Dot (dyslexia? Freudian slip of da mind?) and immediately thought of sending it to E. Bad Polka Dot. Bad, very bad girl!!

Ai, nena, ho he pogut evitar. M'ha fet somriure aquest matí i ho havia de posar aquí! ; ) Potser una idea pel teu cumple?


  1. Love this print! It's so cute, and it does indeed make you giggle. Wouldn't be nice to wear a brown paper bag on days when you just can't be asked? LOL!

  2. Bad Polka Dot Girl loves the print and the post! Ay, trying to fit into this fab dress this year again... What a night... xxx

  3. Dear "Anonymous" PDE,

    Glad you like it, hun! You should have heard me chortle at work when I came across it...

    Flashbacks decorated with red and white polka dots. So very flamenco, sweetie.


  4. Miss Thing(cake),

    What do you mean "wouldn't it be nice"?
    I, of course, "DO" wear one on such days.
    Are you suggesting you don't?

    Shiiiit, I thought everyone did!!!


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