Sunday, 26 April 2009

ever so slightly apathetic sunday

I wanted to actually write a proper post today (have a few things drafted) but I feel too lazy and not that very inspired at all. So instead, the plan is tidying up and sorting stuff out (aka faffing about the house not doing much at all in the end).

So, rather than a proper written post then, and before I put on my domestic hat, I thought I'd give the people of the Internets... well nothing new, really! As, come to think of it, both videos shown below have been taken from the Internets in the first place!!!
Oh well, "She giveth and She taketh" (I always think of the Internet as female, me. Mother Earth, Mother Internet... that sort of thing)!

Right, here's some stuff that makes me giggle:
Morph & Darth,
strawberry shortcakes & hot Italian pasta,
fantastic animations in plasticine & fantastic animations in Lego,
gobbledygook & executive transvestite soliloquy,
Aardman Studios & Eddie Izzard!

Morph's Card Trick
I couldn't embed the short here, so I'm afraid you have to click on the link for this one.

Here some clever clogs has recreated bits of Eddie Izzard's stand-ups in Lego; you can find them all featured on youtube. They vary in quality and you may not enjoy them if you're used to watching the real thing on stage. I love this one though!!!


  1. hi little ninjita!
    brilliant the lego one!

  2. the morph one very very cute!

  3. innit? do you know eddie izzard, the british comedian? he's dead funny! you can find his stuff on youtube!

    I've been a fan of morph forever and it still gets a smile out of me every single time I watch one of the mini episodes!

  4. The card trick is sooooo good ;-) Makes my...evening! Ciaoooo


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