Friday, 5 June 2009

I hate...

...buggering my laptop and being too scared
of using boy's in case my reverse
Midas condition buggers this one too!
(so I'll go now before it's too late, I'll be back soon, I hope)

a-ranting & a-moaning
-a weekly-ish series that will captivate the hearts of young and old alike-


  1. Hello dear,

    Is the computer still KO?? Nothing to do with it, but will taste your choco creations tonight ;-) Grazie ancora!!!!!

  2. Oh no, no... let me explain: I, unfortunately, did not make them myself (I wish!). It was the wrapping/presentation I was talking about.
    Oh well, I have just gotten myself into the silly predicament of making my own "catània" chocolates... as you do! Ha ha!

    Computer's still k.o. even though I can read everything and use da net, etc. via a linux disk. Only thing is the bastard doesn't want to let me back-up my files to an external drive before I re-install le bloody windows! Will have another go this w-end...

    Brrrr! Je déteste les ordinateurs!!! ;)


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