Friday, 19 June 2009

vedett(e) means star in french...

And what a star this Belgian lager is! It was love at first sip when tasted for the very first time in Antwerp about two years ago and becoming a steady favourite as more places are starting to serve it in Amsterdam.

What better way to drink it that from its own long glass, occasionally resting on a road-sign table, while perched on a bench in one of your favourite beer gardens enjoying a beautiful late spring evening. Ah, bliss!


  1. Thanks for the translation, I have often wondered what it meant. I do love the ol' Vedett, sister to my favorite of devils, Duvel.

  2. Vedette with an "e" is star, as in film star, diva (it has more meanings but we're going for this one, like!)

  3. oh I still have to try it, saw it a couple of weeks ago for the first time and I loved the bottle (you know me...)!


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