Wednesday, 29 July 2009

corner view: best-kept secret

Okay, this is not really a best-kept secret at all, as apparently everyone seems to know perry it's THE summer drink in LDN. However, I've just been there for a couple of days visiting friends and, not knowing it was THE summer drink over there and never having tried it before, I have to say I was more than pleasantly surprised by it.

My friend E introduced me to this sweet nectar upon arrival (pictures taken at their kitchen). Immediately, the next evening, at my friend S's farewell do, I knocked down a couple of seriously scrumptious organic ones.
Normally I am a bit of a bitter lass, so I find it ,quite funny to acquaint myself with this drink while bidding farewell to the lovely bird who introduced me to cider so many years ago. I remember my first night out as a fresher at uni. Being a foreigner and all, I asked S what I should be drinking and she bought me a pint of sweet cider! Oh my word... Bright orange, sickly sweet, sticky vile stuff. Luckily, but not before nursing a pretty bad hangover, I started my quest for a better kind of tipple as well as for better booze experts (sorry pet!). Before long, I started drinking either Broon or Scotch, or whatever was on offer at the Student Union, to be perfectly honest.
I was a poor student. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Either way, pear cider, my friends.
Definitely a sort-of-well-kept-secret-kinda-affair!

This was my first corner view and I'm aware it's a bit of a crappy secret.
That and that I ramble. I always ramble. Lots.

For more and probably much darker and/or funnier best-kept secrets, please click (below) on the names of all those corner-viewers scattered around the world.

Cheers to Jane, brains behind the idea, hostess and motivator extraordinaire (she had me joining a group, so hey, bottoms up!)


  1. It sounds delish. Welcome to the corner view!

  2. Welcome to the corner view! I am having so much fun!

  3. oh oh oh it sounds so good. I'm going to find some! YEAH

  4. Oh, it looks so refreshing! I wonder if we have it hear in the states? I'll keep my eye out.

    Welcome to CV! Totally loving your blog! Can't wait to take a peek!

    Happy Day!

  5. Welcome, and thanks for the secret: I didn't know perry was the summer drink anywhere!

  6. Hi Ninja, welcome to CV - Pear cider ... yes, why not? I think I'll have to look for that :)

    As for the flowering maple, you can grow it in a large container if you care for it well. I am not good with plants in containers, though I know it has been done ... good luck!

  7. eh, bienvenue sur le corner view !!! Thanks for sharing ! See you on september

  8. Ha ha !!! Cheers !!! Nice and funny corner view... like your blog.

  9. Hi Ninja! Happy to hear you enjoyed the pear cider. I am planning to share a couple of them tonite. I have to say that THE drink of the summer deserves a proper summer and not what we have here in London but Ey! still loving it!

  10. !Holaaaaa!
    Quite surprised you've had time to write 'ere in between your running around getting ready to... share a couple of perries! ;P
    Passa-t'ho bé, xata! xx

  11. I have never tasted a Cider that I liked. To sweet for me too. I want to like it though, seems like the perfect summer drink. Maybe this one...Great to have another blogger on the CV!

  12. Thanks for all the welcoming comments, everyone. To be honest, it's a bit overwhelming to have all these people coming over here to have a peek (first time I'm this popular, I hope it doesn't get to my head, ha!)

    Nah, seriously, pear cider is lovely (should you be able to get your hands on some, try and find a decent organic one).

    Francesca, I didn't know either but hey, it goes to show how fashions come and go.
    Janis, thanks for the gardening tip.

    Buenas noches.

  13. hello
    welcome... your first corner view... you're gonna love this, is so great to see the same thing in diferents perspectives and cultures!!
    this drink sounds refreshing!!

    thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, you're right, there are people that had bad relationships but they don't wanna be alone, thank god i'm not one of them!!!


  14. I think i have tried. But I am most a beer girl. Although when i was a poor student, i think i used to drink it in the guiness pub. But i can not remember well, bad hangovers??

  15. Welcome to Corner View!!
    Oh beer/cider is always a good secret but a very good one to share.
    P.S - there is something about Irish beer that just does it for me!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  16. Welcome to the corner view - great post! I love cider, but from apples. The Spanish cider I buy here is really good and not sweet, mmm. See you in September!

    And thanks for stopping by my blog.

  17. welcome to the corner view!
    so if I ever go to Ireland, I know what to try!!!

  18. Not a crappy secret at all and welcome to CV. I've never tried Pear Cider... used to love K and Diamond White!! hahahahaaa it would blow my head off now I'm sure!!!!!

  19. Haha, I guess I'm pretty sweet then since I love all the sticky sweet stuff, like Kopparberg cider (comes with or without alcohol!!). Welcome to CV ;-)

  20. Great post! It sounds refreshing. I would love to try it!

    Have a great weekend! ox

  21. Mmm you made that "sweet cider" sound superbly delcious!!! Seriously. I'm thirsty now.

    THX for sharing!!

  22. @ cris: no worries, comparison & expectations tend to be difficult to avoid but they tend to spoil everything too; just human emotions, right? :)
    @ mcgillicutty: k & diamond white? deary, deary me! ;P
    @ dorte: yeah, a good apple cider is delish too, only I just used to drink the crappy commercial ones when in the UK which, of course, are rubbish
    @ ida: kopparberg, you say? will keep my eyes open should I travel up north

    again, hi & thx to one and all! yes, I think I'm going to enjoy "cornerviewing" :)

  23. bienvenido a corner view! this looks like it was an excellent secret - of course now you've let the cat out of the bag ;)


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