Friday, 4 September 2009

the beefcake that came from the cold

Some weeks ago, I am at work, typing away, minding my own business when suddenly, something to my right casts a shadow on my desk and, to my surprise, I catch a glimpse of something moving outside. My office is on the fourth floor.
Well, this is what I see in front of me when I turn round.
Well, not exactly that. That's what this particularly pumped up window cleaner did when I (mimicking) asked him to wave back at me after rummaging in my bag for my mobile phone.
My colleagues found it hilarious not only that I had asked Musculitos to wave at the camera but that he shyly obliged. I find we were simply being civil and well-mannered.

The situation reminded me of this (minus the pussy).

Note: I try not to post pictures of others (a question of privacy, respect, etc.) However, in this case I very much doubt this body builder, his mum or any of his mates are going to come across this blog. Also, the pic is so badly backlit it is hard to make out who it is, right? Right. Should that not be the case, my sincere apologies, Mr. Proper.

No-one was harmed during the making of this post, either animal or human.


  1. haha! love this! cheeky you! :)

  2. i am mr. proper. please remove that photo of me immediately...

  3. LMHO I've seen this before...but had totally forgotten about it. IT IS GREAT isn't it?!?!?! LOL

  4. that's funny!!!

    happy sunday!!!

  5. Funny surprise in the window.
    Take a look in my blog. You are tagged.

  6. mad-doodly-proper-impersonator, you don't fool me! :P

  7. Ha! I'm sure he would completely dig this and tell all his mates and his mom!

  8. :-) That never happens at my work.


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