Wednesday, 16 December 2009

cv on books but sneakily on home, a gaggle of geese and a waddling of ducks, really

These are the two books on the floor next to my bed at the mo. I have been reading them (on and off, more off than on) for a couple of months now but I'm still enjoying them and, well, the rest are still in boxes. As I cannot be bothered to unpack until I have bought proper furniture, guess what'll be topping my Xmas wish list this year.
I absolutely adore reading, actually (always have, as a wee girl my mum would find me reading at silly hours of the night and sitting down with a book in every corner of the house.) However, I don't seem to find much time for it lately. Bollocks, really. I should make the time. So, what I reckon I need is this print (from this clever clever ladee) on a new wall as a reminder of that old passion of mine.
Soooo, speaking of new walls, let's just have a quick look at some of the old walls I moved out of nearly three weeks ago before we move onto the new ones (see how I cunningly introduced the whole old-new house theme there.)
I took some random pics just before leaving my (tiny) apartment in the old centre of the city. Again, I haven't edited anything because I haven't managed to find the energy and time, but mainly because I cannot be arsed to.
Just noticed a bottle of plonk there. Ha.

Right, after too many promises and the inevitable telling too many lies that goes together with making too many promises... Ta-da! A couple of pics of the new place.
It is still pretty much bare, echoey, unsorted out, full of boxes and covered in loose bits and bobs.
However, I'm totally loving it and glad to be here (okay, I have to admit I have my moments and I can be a bit of an impatient control-freaky ninja.)
How do you like my metallic green loo and my make-do couch (aka inflatable mattress + old couch's cushions)? I've been told by a lovely young architect it's my own version of the Polder Sofa (Hella Jongerius' dreamy design for Vitra.) And I agree it vaguely resembles it, only home-made and crappy.
My own version of the Polder Sofa. Methinks not. But it really made me smile as I reckon my unconscious mind was putting some extra time there.
Oh yeah, another added bonus to the new apartment. Every morning, while unlocking my bike and every evening when locking it back to the rail, I'm greeted by these noisy feathery neighbours. It's quite funny, even though I know it's not personal and they're not coming to greet me; they're just after stale bread. Also, those bloody geese are pretty territorial, the buggers, so I try and appease them to avoid them waking the whole neighbourhood up.
Still, I love it and these last few days that it has been freezing (really properly freezing, no hyperbolic speech here) it's been even better, all those ducks and geese in the frosty waters.
Now, that's just got me peckish. Let's go and have some foie gras.

So this is it. Over and out Corner View for 2009. Have a good 'un and read you next year!


  1. you have the coolest stuff in your house - even the feet in the mirror! and it does not surprise me in the least that you were a big reader when you were a little girl!

  2. Looks very nice your new place ... good idea to get a reminder on the wall as the one from artsyville :-)

  3. It's a world to explore ! I hope you'll make time for your reading !!!!

  4. Top of your Christmas wish list? A bed?

    How is The Inheritance of Loss? I bought it, but haven't started reading it yet.

  5. are those your feet in the one with the mirror?
    verrryyyyyyyyy niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    i like it all.

  6. Love the photo montage of past and present, it looks like you've done quite a bit of of organizing in your new pad since I was last there. There is something so right about those make-shift/make-do solutions that come with a new place.

  7. You're one lucky ninja--a water view!
    It's the canal? And friendly feathery neighbors...
    Wonderful touches of color, and brilliant details.
    Happy new home to you, happy reading, and a cozy joyous holiday season! You've added pleasure to my 2009,I never hada ninja friend before:)

  8. I have trouble coming up with read time, as well. My husband handed me the book The Diamond Age about two months ago, and joke has become that I read about 3 pages a week. He thinks I hate the book, but really just don't have time.
    It probably makes me a bit odd, but I like moving and setting up house in new places. This is the longest I've stayed in one city since I moved out of my Mother's house and we have acquired too much stuff by being sedentary.

  9. oh! lovely place you have. congratulations! and thank you for your visit and kind comment. kenza.

  10. hm ja verhuizen.. ik heb het wel een beetje gehad nu, ik wil over en klaar en uitgepakt zijn! en dat terwijl ik nog heulheul veul moet inpakken....
    de foto met je punaises vinnik nogal super...

  11. ms. ninj - are you the luckiest girl on earth? A canal outside your digs? Wow weee, and it all looks great, but most important... this new place makes you happy :)

    My new Dutch word ... "plonk" excellent!

  12. Oh, fantastic! LOVE the pad! I totally just got out our olive tray and put our Christmas cards in it! Thanks for that clever idea! Your window sills are so fun and happy! I'd love to see more of your loo... weird, I know. Oh, and I'm so totally going to start using the word 'loo'. It's too great not too!

    Happy Day, Frozen Ninja!

  13. Tiene una pinta increible. El canal, los gansos, que siempre pueden sacarte de un apuro en una visita inexperada...foi gras?? jajaja.
    Me gustaría poder dejar candada mi bici abajo, pero duraría menos...que ni con candado de moto...así que de momento está arriba y ya irá bajando...ajjajaaj.
    Lista de peticiones??? Algo especial??? Echo de menos botellas por ese nuevo ha habido fiesta de inaguración???
    Un besazo muy fuerte.

  14. i had to scroll back there and see if i missed the ending of the cv post and landed in another. you certainly made up for lost posts in this one :) love your new place. and really loving your green boots. and totally get this now reading as much as one did, back in the days.

    btw, everytime you write Ha! - here or in comments, it makes me think of al pacino in scent of a woman. and it just doesn't fit my idea of you. and so it makes me smile :)

  15. The sofa is really good, keep it the way it is. How big is your new flat? Judging after all the corners your camera spotted it is a NICE one!

  16. i really loved the monkeys

  17. Cool.. more than just a corner View... bargain.. and I totally forgot it's called a bottle of plonk.. have to remember that and resurrect it in my vocab!! thanks for the reminder :)

  18. if i ever come to your city (is it amsterdam?), i've to visit you in your playful home ;-) the same here, don't have time to read. so i just watch and read (short) cookbooks and some kind of appartment therapy books :-) happy friday*

  19. i LOVE this glimpse! your old apt. looks like an artist lived there. your new one is looking pretty funky- i like it! and you have a canal in your front garden! how cool is that? i´m also loving your socks! un beso muy gordo!

  20. niiiiice. my fave are the green boots!

    i read the inheritance of loss a year ago (or so). it went verrrry slowly for me. it's masterful for sure... but not my cup of tea. i did love the parts from america.

  21. ha! trinsch. :)

    jane & janis no front garden. yes canal (not in the town centre, mind you, but not far)

    socks and feet are mine, yes, bote. it took some bending down backwards to take that one. my back still hurts, hee, hee.

    shot of the green boots on the "ninja for all seasons" slideshow.

    mari, even I, ninja-slack-extraordinaire, can manage to get some crap out of the way in 2 weeks time, pet. ;P

    ian, I have a bed, you cheeky bugger. reply on desai's book in your comments.

    modgal, wtf is an olive tray for anyway? I just got that one specifically to hold cards in it.
    oh yeah, I nearly forgot to add: loo. loo. loooooooooooooo.

    aimee & jgy :)

    everyone, thanks for your comments, I’m off to put some shelving units together and to look at all those very messy bits I haven’t shown at all.

  22. the shower is my favorite. pink plastic to make cleaning more fun! How do you know words like hyperbolic? I'm a native speaker and hardly know these words. Happy 2010!

  23. How exciting to be in your new pad before Christmas. Loving the photos, you're an artistic genius. Are you in Barca or The Dam for the holiday season??

    Have a good 'un Sonny ! xx

  24. Should those feet in socks go on the ninja for all seasons too? I love the description of how you took that shot.
    I like your minimalist glimpses on your new (and old) place [this is the third time I try to leave a comment on this post, everytime something comes up, yesterday my tired and cranky daughter would not allow me the leave your main page, with the fishies]. To foie gras and more tine to read.

  25. susie, I'm not going to reply as I don't feel obnoxious enough today. ha! (that one you know, "obnoxious" don't you? oops, I am feeling obnoxious after all ;)

    caff, I'll be here, there and every-bloody-where. you pet, going to your mum's?
    will write you a proper mail in a minute.

    francesca, dunno about the feet. what do you think? completely different angle, though...
    fishies, fishies... so, that's probably being reflected on the stats now, right? it's not that I have many lengthy visits to my blog, it's just rebecca playing with the fishies for hours ;)


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