Thursday, 3 December 2009

no corner. no view. instead I give you feet

My intention was to post some pics for corner view this week. Really. Alas, it was not to be.

What with all the things that need doing plus the utter exhaustion of having moved on Sunday and having quite a bit on at work at the moment... Last evening I went as far as moving the mattress to the bedroom (it was in the middle of the living room), connecting the land line (but failing to call anyone), emptying one box (it was nearly empty, just moved its contents to another one) and re-heating the Indian take-away from the night before, which I had with a glass of Spanish red (in a Martini glass until I locate the rest of them.)

A shame because it's the ideal theme too just after a move. Oh well, I shall get there, once I find the energy to take the laptop out of its box and plug it in. But hey, I'm happy and well and enjoying every single minute of the chaos. Just watch this space for photos of... boxes?

In the meantime, here's a preview. A couple of recycled shots (from a ninja for all seasons, the slideshow to the right.) Old floor boards, new floorboards and some in between action. (Wishful thinking, more like, as I ended up paying some strong men to finish the job off. Never listen to people who tell you you can demolish shit when you are already exhausted and stressed. You cannot.)

Oh yeah, and I thought I'd post the below tune, which has pretty much been in my head since my packing marathon on Saturday.
A bit of 80's British pop nostalgia with Living in a Box, their eponymous debut single Living in a Box, from their eponymous album Living in a Box. Truly, an ode to consistency.


  1. I totally understand. But because I feel I've (virtually) participated in your move (I'm even exhausted:)), I still would love to see a corner of new house at some point, when you're all unpacked, relaxed and rested of course!
    I always love your ninja for all seasons, it always makes me smile!
    Happy unpacking!

  2. Living in a box! Geniale!
    I also took a glass of red wine last night in a beer jar. The wine glasses are so high and I needed just to sit, look around and enjoy.
    I think that you should do a special corner of your new place.
    Poco a poco, que es jueves y hay que ir disfrutando del caos.

  3. francesca, man, drama queen.
    "virtually" exhausted. ha ha.
    "virtually" as in "nearly", I take? ;P
    how do you find that a.n.f.a.s. with the chisel sticking out of the (gone now) mantelpiece?

    I will do. poco a poco indeed, ibb.

  4. Ha! That video is the best! Ok, you seriously are too funny! I hope you know I intentionally seek out your comments on other peoples blogs to get a good chuckle. Stalking, you say? Perhaps! But well worth it!

    Oh, and unfortunately I'm not Scandinavian. Although, their style is somehow mixed in my Spanish/Scot-Irish/American blood. Are they not the most stylish! Oh, and the skin and hair... don't get me started! Not fair!

    Happy Day, Ninja!

  5. I don"t want feet...I want your home

  6. ninja, could we just call this a postponement until we get to see how you set up home in a couple of weeks? pretty please?

  7. I will view the vid when the stir fry is not sizzling in my ears... In the meanwhile, feet shots always make me happy (as you know) and so does the thought of left over Indian food :^)
    Happy weekend!!!


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