Sunday, 7 March 2010

la la la

Oh, hello there. La ninja's been away for a week and, oh boy, did she need that. Nothing to do with the above photographs (these were taken in Barcelona in January, believe it or not. It was sunny and lovely and I have just added them to the ninja for all seasons.)

I'm now unexpectedly watching Wallace & Gromit's "A Matter of Loaf and Death" (which I hadn't gotten round to doing yet) on a random channel I've just stumbled upon on cable. I did not know I had that film channel. Oh well, I hope I'm not paying for this.

Random and totally uninteresting. La ninja knows. But the photies are kind of all right, aren't they?


  1. You've got lots of photos in there now! They always make me smile when I see them. Glad you got a chance to get away.

  2. thank you ladeez, "I've always depended on the kindness of strangers" ;)

  3. Me encanta!
    Ya sabes, están invitada...cuando quieras escaparte para aquí...invitada.

  4. yes they are! i just found mad men- and am totally addicted:) besos!

  5. ei? I was being blanche dubois (tennessee williams, you know?) but hey...

    I'm assuming that has s/thing to do with mad men too now? enlighten me, if you wish, pet. I've heard good things about that series. worth it, then? (I'm not much of a series gal, me.)

  6. a ver, que me pierdo... te queda muy bien el tono de blanche dubois :)
    Por otro lado, mad men merece la pena. Ahora yo soy adicta a the wire.
    Tus pies en Barcelona se hacen notar, jaja ;)

  7. LOVE the shots!! I saw that W & G was nominated for an Oscar last night.

    Happy Week!

  8. well what a tease! ninja takes off for a week and doesn't even tell us where she went. was it back to barcelona?

  9. Random is good and the photos are fun! I laughed at the Wallace and Gromit movie! I hope you enjoyed it (and didn't have to pay for it!)


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