Saturday, 13 March 2010

theory of relativity

Someone find me a higher gravitational field as time goes slower up there (or so they say.)
That sitting atop my diary is something the hairdresser plucked from my head yesterday afternoon (biatch.)
The first of its kind and colour I've ever seen up there (well, she's the one who actually saw it; I was happily oblivious about it until then.)
So there you have it. New era. Downhill from here. It's a fact.

On a similar note, I watched Chris Rock's Good Hair
(not that it is actually his, but you know what I mean) yesterday evening. There is some seriously scary stuff going on there.
So, after all, one grey hair, pittance. But, then again, and quoting Mr. Ice-T on the film "(...) trust me, if a woman ain't happy with herself, she ain't going to bring nothing but pain to every-fucking-body around her." Ha.


  1. Which fields are you talking about, isn't candor an attribute of higher gravitational fields? I love la ninja who took a photo of her new era trophy!

  2. the hairdresser found it quite funny too, me tucking my grey hair in my wallet and taking it with me :)

  3. in your head it was just one gray hair, hah!- here in mine it´s just one gray brain cell, i think i won, my situation is definitely worse, said this gray-granny and run...

  4. Haha,
    La Ninja,
    I've had tons of grey hair since my early 20's! I'm now 36...
    I think it can be beautiful on other people (Ritva, Giovanna form Una, my mother in law) ...just not on me!!
    I like the image of you tucking the single hair into your wallet :)

  5. oh-oh. i found spotting my first grey hair a bit scary. since then i've had many more. i find myself thinking:

    to dye or not to dye? (no pun intended.)

    at the end of the day though ... who cares ... not the people that matter anyway.

  6. Oh don,t worry, kristina hit the nail on the head with her above comment, can't really add anymore than that.

  7. it is a bit of a shock when that first one appears. and then, you just have to ignore the rest that pop up. just pretend you don't see them. and pour another glass of wine...

  8. lol! love this ninja post! it's a tricky one, but i say go with the flow and don't look back. it's a battle that you just can't win. so why turn it into a war?

  9. tongue-in-cheek, of course, you all know that. however, still a bit of a bloody milestone, isn't it?

  10. Pffff! One hair! I wish...

    Have a good week ms. ninj

  11. To me that hair looks blonde, not grey.

  12. Ha! Welcome to my world! Just book an appointment for next week to get the white, not grey, WHITES covered! It's this Spanish blood in me I tell you!

    I also just read about this film. I need to watch it. Very eye opening I'm sure!

  13. Grey....hmm...I have a few of those too....I think that they should invent scissors that only cut out the grey would be good for a while, at least until the grey outnumbers the others!

  14. fuck the grey! i do not know if i have any 'cause i'm unnaturally blonde highlight sort of hair so...
    you are wiser for sure! even it's not your birthday i now.
    big kiss ninjita.
    i still love your pics.


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