Thursday, 6 May 2010

of birds, bees, bigots, hypocrisy and go-go dancing in vanilla-scented leather whilst shaving one's bits in a role-play spanking sort of activity in London and Madrid

Okay, I was reading about the British General Election on the The Independent this morning when came across an article titled Anti-gay Baptist minister took male prostitute on holiday (I know.)
Well, the title speaks for itself. However, what I wasn't expecting was for the piece to briefly have me in stitches. This next bit is what did it:

"Rekers also neglected to explain what had drawn him to Lucien, who has long blond hair and appears topless in photographs on the website. Perhaps it was the young man's interesting range of hobbies, which are listed as: "vanilla, leather, shaving, spanking, role-play and go-go dancing"."

The whole thing reeks of stupid surrealism if you ask me (but you should never ask me 'cos I may tell you what I think.)
Everybody knows any bigoted individual/group/institution on an earnest evangelical mission (opinion-wise, not necessarily religious) to condemn and try to squash perfectly acceptable ideas, lifestyles or just plain human rights, has a dark, hidden, messed-up agenda. So I won't even get into that (this is already getting far too serious for la ninja as it is, innit?)
I just really dig how the journalist phrased that paragraph
"vanilla, leather, shaving, spanking, role-play and go-go dancing". Irony (obviously linked to wit, humour and intelligence) is often a powerful weapon against bigotry.

Right, back to less messed-up affairs, like... politics? Ahem.

Anyway... Hello, long time no ninja.
All is well here (should anyone be wondering/interested), just got my mind on other things these days but I can feel a full nonsense-ninja recovery coming up... Yay. Watch this space.


  1. I share your point of view, and you should speak your mind any old time! You have profound things to say Ms. Ninja, even when you disguise it in your funny way :^)

    Lots of stuff going on here too - we'll have to catch up via email sometime xo

  2. nah, janis, no depth here. so many other people can do that better and more eloquently.
    this is a place for fun and games, nonsense and whimsy (okay, okay, and the occasional incursion into reality, but mainly just fun ;)

    defo on the catching up :)

  3. i hear ya! i do think it's a bit comical, though, and the more you read about this closet-case the funnier it gets. and it just keeps getting better.

  4. i absolutely love that you always tell me (via blog, of course) what you think. it's good stuff, mate! :)

  5. I am watching this space, and I'm overjoyed when something new appears. It's never nonsense.

  6. Ah, to think that I missed your high voltage comments over the past weeks... How could I, I wonder? Well, I could not, 'cos here I am and enjoying every bit of it. Thanx, Nin' :-)

  7. Glad to hear you are fine here and getting ready for more ninja nonsense...
    happy weekend to ya!

  8. Interesting hobbies indeed! Looking forward to more full on nonsense!

  9. Se te echaba de menos! Sniff...wellcome!!
    Love that go-go dancing¿? An vanilla¿? and if it is chocolate instead....ufff

  10. i wonder what he does with the vanilla?

  11. do you really want to know? :P
    really really?

  12. A pesar de tener un tremendo dolor de cabeza, que por ejemplo me impide escribir en inglés (esa parte del cerebro no me funciona bien), disfruto leyéndote. Aunque también tengo que admitir que las carcajadas me han hecho eco por aquí dentro *señalandome la sien*...
    Ten una buena semana, Ninja!

  13. what can I's the same old story ;)
    i will def watch this space!

  14. Hack hack. Excuse me... (tulsi joke)

    Hey Ninja girl come see my post about my little monster drumming...


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