Thursday, 24 June 2010

I hate... (x3)

...getting the hiccups and yawning sounding
like I am (rather off-key) loudly belching
(even if I'm at a hard rock concert. still not on)

...taking the rubbish out, forgetting to replace

the bin bag and then, repeatedly throwing
stuff into an clunk-sounding empty bin
(particularly annoying: wet ground coffee)

...cutting my finger with the lid of the (nota bene posh) body
lotion tin. not being able to open the bloody tap because
my bloody fingers are covered in bloody slippery cream
(all to end up profusely swearing and speaking to inanimate objects 
while, both literally and figuratively, bloody bleeding all over the sink)

a-ranting & a-moaning
-an increasingly random series that will captivate the hearts of young and old alike-


  1. Well, I am with you all the way on the second one. Try wet tea leaves for a change.

  2. Oh yeah you're bank on with the rubbish! about the lotion... i don't have any posh stuff, much safer to use a plastic pump although prolly not eco friendly. :)

  3. yup. and did you know that for me hiccups are contagious? if i hear them or read about them, they start up in me. so, now i can truly sympathize because i will be getting a case soon. xoxo

  4. Respira hondo, cierra los ojos y tira de la cadena para pararse de este mundo loco que no gira a la velocidad adecuada.


  5. I'm fine. all well here.
    it's just that I like my balance (ha!) and amongst all this "loveliness" of late, I had forgotten my (ever-so-ir)regular rants ;)

  6. Bloody 'ell! I hate when that happens :^) Although if a hiccup can get me laughing - even if it sounds like a burp - I'll take it.

    Oh but sorry about your finger Ms. Ninj, not bloody good...

    Balance is good. Sweet and spicy! (no bloody anything here) :^)

  7. ps. I say hooray to the "drama-queentassentialism" - and don't go changin' as they say!!! Ninja, rant for me daaahling :^)

  8. What an up-and-coming new (witty) series!
    Sorry about the treacherous lotion tin. Hope it wasn't one of your new anti-cellulite ones - a comfy bench sounds a lot less harmless:)

  9. it's not really new, francesca. I had just been neglecting it. ha ha, fancy you remembering the anti-cellulite cream scheme :P

  10. number two happens to me every monday when my husband takes out the garbage. ANd now I just roll my eyes at myself.

  11. well, then don't do those things any more!

  12. And also trying to open a packet of pasta. Struggeling and then giving up tearing the thing to pieces. Then discovering you held the cartoon upside down.
    Number two, I really do not like doing that. But I keep on doing it.
    Hope all is well with you. We are great. Hugs.

  13. jen, the eternal pragmatic. I shall do my best :)
    suze, rolling, rolling, rolling...

  14. having a bad day? ;-) hang in there!

  15. ok the second one, with the bins and the coffee grounds? um, that would be me!

    and i love your rants (and mine when i get a chance - others maybe not so much) but i did also love "everything's amazing and nobody's happy" - could be my new motto. t shirts made and all that!

    happy summer!

  16. oh I just hate the bins without a garbage bag too.
    sorry about the finger.

  17. Have we lost you on CV girlfriend?

  18. :). today will be better.


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