Tuesday, 15 June 2010

everything is amazing and nobody is happy

louis c.k.


  1. Yes! Brilliant! I love your post title too... exactly! He must have grown up with 3 channels on the tube with no remote control as well. I too find all this convenience a bit much sometimes. Amazing how we've evolved, and not evolved :^)

    Thanks Ninja, fun post!

  2. janis, I came across this vid a long time ago but had forgotten to share it here. I talked about it with a friend recently and started reflecting about it again. how easy it is to take stuff for granted and turn "convenience" into "stressful inconvenience". innit? ;)
    anna, genius observation, analysis and quick wit abilities. yup.

  3. oh I needed a good laugh. I was just in my car talking to my sister-in-law in another country on my cell when I lost reception and now I'M SO MAD AND EVERYTHING SUCKS. just kidding.

  4. Can't watch the video, but your title gives me something to think about.

  5. That angle is really impotant. It's amazing and scary (to me) to be transported in the air and pretending everything is normal. When flying I alwys get the feeling of humanity taking it a little bit to far.

  6. Tu miniregalo maxiatrasado de cumpleaños ha sido facturado en cigüeña express...llegará cuando los vientos sean propicios y menos te lo esperes.

    Buen finde.

  7. i needed this!
    havn´t had the most perfect day today.

    i think i´ll watch it again.


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