Wednesday, 27 October 2010


... about what to post on the concept of "pondering", I stumbled across this video yesterday evening.
It made me ponder AND wonder what those nutters where all doing there at the same time.

You just have to love Prince, don't you? Totally bonkers but extremely talented.
I was a massive fan in the late 1980's. Ninja Teenage Love (shocking revelation, not.)
Not much pondering back then, just jumping into things head first. The way it should be.

Viva cv temporarily hosted by miss t.

Note to the Netherlands Crew. I'm planning on going down to the DDW in Eindhoven tomorrow (Thursday 28th.)
Should you happen to be around, just drop me a line. It'd be fab to grab a coffee. Bit last minute, I know. How very ninja of me...


  1. thanks for the good vibes ... amazing video (and thanks for the "fille polonaise extraordinaire" award ... I am deeply honored !!)

  2. good choice, and thanks for the great reminder the opposite of Pondering is Jumping in!

    Reminds me of the Bassho poem,
    Frog jumps in water sound.

    No pondering there!!!
    Next CV, you won't recongnize me, I'm going from pondering to jumping in...(oh you know, I'm just saying that)..:)xo

  3. Yes, I do love Prince! He's a great master:)

  4. Didn't we all love Prince in the 80's. It drove my mother nuts!

  5. let's go cra-zy, let's get nuts ;)

  6. I do ponder Prince from time to time. His most recent albums have me fascinated - they are so different from his early works. I wasn't a fan in his early years, but now...

    Such a fun clip for today's CV - thanks for posting it here. So much fun. Cheers~

  7. Not a fan, sorry - how very un-ninja of me, I feel bad ... BUT, I'll email you the recipe tomorrow, so that you do some baking when you get back from DDW:)

  8. ha ha! interpretive dance via Prince...
    (I was a fan too), still love MJ's music

  9. LOL... I perfect time to come across the video! xo

  10. s-o-o-o-u-l MEN! don't much make em like that anymore! haven't seen this clip before, so great. especially j. brown's groovin' ensemble! thx ninja!

  11. what where they doing?!!!
    I like Prince too but MJ a little more.
    thanks for the video.

  12. Yeah, what were they doing ?? I like Michael a little more too.
    PS: I do have freckles :)

  13. yes but i think Prince is something of a phenomenon of nature too. well all three are really, aren't they?


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