Wednesday, 17 November 2010

anything goes or the only way is up, "a la catalana"

Plan was writing a long hilarious post (being this my theme of choice and all), but this ninja has managed to get the best cold of the season so far. Achoo. Bloody 'ell. Third time this year.
Anyway, I have had this video up my sleeve for a bit planning on posting it at some point. Well. Point. Reached.
Castellers have been added to UNESCO's Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, which is just yabadabadoo.
Will you look at those colours. Ha.

"Spain - Human towers - Castells are human towers built by members of amateur groups, usually as part of annual festivities in Catalonian towns and cities. The traditional setting is the square in front of the town hall balcony. The human towers are formed by castellers standing on the shoulders of one another in a succession of stages (between six and ten). Each level of the tronc, the name given to the second level upwards, generally comprises two to five heavier built men supporting younger, lighter-weight boys or girls. The pom de dalt – the three uppermost levels of the tower – comprises young children. Anyone is welcome to form the pinya, the throng that supports the base of the tower. Each group can be identified by its costume, particularly the colour of the shirts, while the cummerbund serves to protect the back and is gripped by castellers as they climb up the tower. Before, during and after the performance, musicians play a variety of traditional melodies on a wind instrument known as a gralla, setting the rhythm to which the tower is built. The knowledge required for raising castells is traditionally passed down from generation to generation within a group, and can only be learned by practice."

The new additions are wonderful and include (amongst many others) the Mediterranean diet, Croatia's gingerbread, Spain's Flamenco, Korea's Daemokjang traditional wooden architecture, Japan's Kumiodori, traditional Okinawan musical theatre, falconry, the gastronomic meal of the French... I am loving this "intangible cultural heritage" category. Intangible. Fabulous.

P.S. One of my bestest friends, E alias Topo, just posted about this yesterday too. Plus she seems to have also gotten herself a champion cold. Raaaaa. Connected in the distance or what. Should you be able to read Spanish, just head this way.

For more random corner views, get yourselves over here. 


  1. Hope you feel better soon. All I can say is Crazy!

  2. Thank you for the topic this week! Wow these folks take it to heart when they offer their shoulder to a friend. xo

  3. hay qué emoción!! me encanta la música y que participan chicos y viejos!
    un beso sin mocos y que te recuperes pronto!

  4. Amazing! This really is anything goes, although I don't think I'd let my kid climb to the top. Watching them fall was heartbreaking.

    I hope you feel better soon! :)

  5. We can always rely on you for something magnificent....what's up wi' those Spaniards???? anything to hurt themselves.... exhilarating!!!!

    As far as the cold... sounds yeah yeah yeah but vitamin C..5000 mg's a day my friend. Hubby is notorious for three to four weekers.. I pumped him literally full of vit C every day and he's good as gold!!!!

  6. wow. i think that i might try a tower, too, if i were spanish. but since i'm not, well, i can just hold my breath and watch.

    feel better, ninja!

  7. I heard about the mediterranean diet on the radio yesterday - and thought about your tomatoes:)

  8. gee, but i've loved this, ninja!
    a little anxious for the falling though...

  9. hola everyone, achoooooo!
    on the crumbling towers, I've noticed the "anxenetes" (kiddos at the top) wear helmets now. that's a novelty. until not so long ago, no helmets, no nothing...
    this is an ancient catalan tradition (only in catalonia, not the rest of spain) and this vid is from a competition that takes places in tarragona every other year. however, watching them build "castells" on the street during "festes" is just amazing...

  10. Great cultural post! A discovery for me ;)

    Have a nice day

  11. Incredible.
    Feel better, glad you jumped aboard.

  12. Every time I see the castellers I'm all tears. It's really amazing and touchy and gets under my skin.
    Really nice video Ninja.
    While I'm writting that I'm sneezing and coughing... like you said, we're connected :-)

  13. I knew about the bullfighters of course, and I seem to recall something about a tomato throwing festival of sorts, but I didn't know about the castellers. Amazing, and thank you for showing!

    As for your cold: "third time lucky" ;-(
    Hope you feel better soon.

  14. What a great post ... hope you will recover soon. off to check if I can see the video with my very poor internet connection now :)

  15. That's pretty awesome, I've never seen such a thing before. Hope you get well soon, it's been tough here too!

  16. So cool!

    Feel better soon,

    ♥ Guusje

  17. Wow this is great - never knew about it! And those brave children.... good for them, brava little chicas and chicos!

    Feel better Ms. Ninja xoxo

  18. Wow! Who knew :) People are amazing!

  19. Now thats something I have never seen before, thanks for sharing the link!! Pretty amazing (and slightly concerning with those agile wee ones way up there on top). Odd how they fall just like a deck of cards.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  20. Amazing and beautiful!
    Hope you feel better soon!!

  21. oh my, spectacular it is! Maar toch liever niet mijn kindjes daar bovenin!
    ja moetjatja = muchacha ;)

  22. I knew spanish peopel were crazy, your story just confirms it;-)
    As melhoras!

  23. Increíble, ninja! Pero no me llores...
    Que te mejores guapa

  24. Almost belongs on Martha's Vineyard!!

    Hope you feel better :)

  25. wow that was amazing, thanks for sharing :))

  26. yay for diverse cultural heritage! ;)

    get well soon!!

  27. ok so better late than never ms. ninja - for your long and hilarious post which we'll all wait for, and thanks for waiting for my comment on your castellers (i'm guessing they are called that because they are making human castles?) and this whole new "anything goes" category of UNESCO human culture treasures. I'm with you, I thinks it's a great idea and would I love to have that job of choosing or what? Definitely YES! Cheers!


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