Thursday, 24 February 2011

table of elements

My boy builds coffins. Not really, that's Florence's boy.

Mine builds tables, sinks and other cool stuff. Check out his website.

Table of Elements is a design of his up for voting at stylefactory at the moment. 
The way it works is you click on "Make it" and, should he get enough votes, his table goes into production. How very bloody exciting is that. I shall tell you how: very.
You have to create an account, i.e. giving an e-mail address, but they do not spam, it is just to avoid bots, etc. 

Only six days left to vote. I am not good at pushing and that is why it has taken me forever to post about it here. I did not want this blog to turn into a promotional site plus there is the whole privacy thing too...

But, you know what. Sod all that. His table is bloody fab. If I do not support it, who will, ei?
The second and third pics are the prototype he has been using for months at his place. I have eaten, written and read the paper on that table and it is a fine piece of furniture. The simplicity of it is just great. I want one.

So, lovely people of the Interwebs. Would you help him get it made? Muchas gracias.

You can read more about the specifics in the links I am providing you with at the end.
The table is a very green design, assembly is easy, has been cut out of a single sheet of mdf and is very affordable. What else can you wish for.

Link extravaganza: voting at stylefactory, designer bio at stylefactory, his own website and the articles/features at designspotter and plusmood.


  1. Dear ninjita,
    job done.
    Easy and very fast.
    I also published on my facebook, just in case I can help.
    good luck to your lovely boy!

  2. Consider your man voted. Hope it helps!

    (Wouldn't it be nice if this table of elements were blue - you could've incorporated it in this weeks CV.)

  3. wowzers! awesome table, ninja!

  4. I thought about "photoshopping" it blue and posting it yesterday but ended up (obviously) not doing it ;)

    ta, aimee (as if..., I've done nought)
    go cast your vote, woman, and tell all your friends, hee hee.

  5. Love it - been to vote! How exciting would it be to see it in production! I'd want one!

  6. Oh - and I just posted it on Facebook too!

  7. you got it! great design, i hope it gets made!

  8. Cool table design. He got my vote too :)

  9. ok, just voted (and am now a proud member of the stylefactory:)) didn´t take much convincing. the boy´s got talent!

  10. I voted. Good thing you blogged it. The table is wonderful. Playful and stylish.

  11. Just voted, and I'm glad you posted about it, the Internet should be used for good causes.

  12. happy ninja, happy ninja. you lot are the best, muchas muchas muchas gracias.

    I'm also waiting for my new smartphone. very excited ninja here. all good stuff today.
    however... dear delivery man, I'm still in my pjs, don't dare going in the shower in case I miss you. could we possibly hurry up? day off spent waiting for you. ha ha!

  13. quite overwhelmed here, watching those votes skyrocket!

    thank you all!

  14. Hola ninja guapa! Job done! The mini-table is just lovely and it was born for a little nijntje like me, I know. We need to have the colourful thing produced cause my house is waiting for it!
    Good luck and kus

  15. ninja in love!!!! and lucky you to have someone who can make things so beautiful. heading over now to vote since i know just how important this must be for you to have sacrificed a bit of your privacy. very moving, sweet ninja, very moving!

  16. Did I miss the voting time frame? I will go after typing this and check for sure. How fun Ms Ninja, you have a creative boy :^) and a talented one at that. He has my vote anytime, even if I "arsed" this one - xo

  17. I did it!

    (psst... I like his face, what a cutie!)

  18. ha ha ha, janis. that's in ny a couple of few years ago, sans beard :)

    thx everyone. again. many many thx.

  19. done, ninjacita. what a lovely little table. it would look great in my kid's room:) i hope he's able to make it.


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