Saturday, 12 February 2011

these ninja feet are made for walking

Last week, IFFR in Rotterdam.

Standing on a volcano in gale-force winds (that boy is tutting as he reads; I seriously did his head in moaning about the wind), hence the fluttering of my trousers and the blurred pic.
Standing next to a knitted handrail. Knitted handrails and lampposts, perfect for the winter, I find.
Admiring that boy's new pet. His fab shiny Roomba. You can spend countless minutes just looking at it, following it, playing obstacle with it... All very productive and mature, of course.

I'm warning you we are taking a turn to the superficial (this blog is, otherwise, always so very deep) and the consumerist this very second.

This next pic is my new obsession. I saw this very pair of trainers at a department store last month and totally digged them. Only they did not have my size (they are men's) so I decided to look for them elsewhere. However, lo and behold, they seem to have vanished from the face of the earth. Either that or they were just a figment of my imagination.
My good friend E (many of my friends are, somehow, called E), who works at that very swooshy corporation, was sent on a mission. To no avail. Meanwhile, combing the Interwebs, I have found myriads of wonderful variations of the same model. All apparently special editions and also impossible to get. Great. However, and funnily enough, I have not even managed the one hit in this colour combination. You see, I am very partial to the sole being the same shade of the leather (as opposed to white.)

So, my question to you helpful people of the Internet is... Have you seen this trainer?


  1. I like the idea of the traveling shoes! And THE shoes! For men? Yessss

  2. I haven't, but you'd be asking the wrong person here. I'm very jealous of your roomba, just make sure it doesn't vacuum any of your shoes :)

  3. not in italy, then.
    I'm jealous of the roomba too. it's not mine, it's that boy's. I'll warn him about his shoes :)

  4. I am fond of the knitted handrail - it has more style than me ;^)

    Good luck with the sneakers. I will keep a look out!

  5. I FOUND THEM! if you need me to order and bring them with me to a-dam in april, let me know!

  6. at least i think they are the same? they look so to me...

  7. Sorry - haven't seen the shoes....but love th yarn-bombing -oh and when I was out running last week I saw some eider ducks (OK not tufted ducks I know) which made me think of you....

  8. i most certainly have not. i will report if or when i do.
    the knitted railings now, that's a different story.

  9. i have not, but they are tres cool...apart from their "swooshy-ness" that is. ;)

  10. jen, pet, nearly but not quite. they have to be completely grey, you see, no white at all (I know, I know, ninja little obsessive ways) but thanks for trying, you're a star!

    everyone else, eyes peeled, please. they are one pair of sneaky (see what I did there) buggers.

  11. your way to make a picture is so great and crazy ;-)

    the shoes are not mine...

  12. lovely volcano.
    No idea for your Nike... I am soooooo sorry... You should write to the brand, it's a question of survival,we agree.

  13. I want a new pet like that...just to stare at...and those trainers...I have heart something about designing your own in internet...but I think...

    A jugar

  14. yup, ibb, I know. you can make your own "id" trainers, which is very cool. thx for the links.

    however, I just bought another pair from a completely different brand and sort (I "needed" a pair) but will keep looking for this grey model.
    it's a question of ninja pride now. I shall find 'em! (as pascale rightly points out, my life depends on it :)


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