Friday, 15 April 2011

the (evening) blue hour

I enjoy my spring evenings. Oh, I bloody do.
This week, I have met a lovely blogger from faraway parts. 
(As in far away to mine, of course. It's all a question of perspective and relativity, time and space, existence and causality. In short, metaphysical palaver. Short? Shortish. Francesca, anything to add?

More about that soon(ish). 
(As in writing about the lovely blogger from faraway parts and her visit to da 'Dam; not my inability to keep sentences short and/or the metaphysical character of everything, that is ;P)



  1. Enjoy, for my pleasure as well !

    I'm curious...

    have a nice day Ninja

  2. Did you meet Fransesca? If so that would be my dream date. The both of you wonderful at the same spot. If that was so please do it again and I will join.

  3. hej, maria.
    no, it isn't francesca I've met, but I'd like to, actually. trip to italy in the cards? ;)
    that cue to francesca comes from an inner joke. it refers to using long-winded sentences and explanations. latin style, you see :)

    thanks for the compliment, though. I wouldn't really know why you think so highly of this ninja, but tak :)

    the one I've met is that smiling fish up there. 'allo.

  4. Beautiful blue sky and moon.
    Enjoy the pleasures, your new far away friend, and the spring nights:))

  5. Oh that photo Ninja... beautiful. Imagining it over Amsterdam turns me into a puddle of mush. Enjoy every lovely minute... x


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