Friday, 1 April 2011

mirror, mirror on the wall...

So, where's that ninja?
Wee bit late with a reflection post for this week's cv as per usual. Here's a few (obviously unedited) telephotographs taken in Barcelona two years ago (it was January, but look... no coats on!)

I thought I had lost them when my previous laptop died... I cannot tell you the joy that just invaded me upon finding them in a (true to its name) cajón de sastre folder full of all sorts of random pics. Ah, the joy of small things and superficial ninja priorities...
Let's all rejoice and have a fab w-end, should we? Hell yeah.


  1. You're just too clever. I love this post, the title, the photos, the words. Hope you're coat-less right now.

  2. hell yeah bis.
    coats out today! for tomorrow t° drops again.
    but ooh, the bicycle legs that will invade our town....

  3. yes! i love when that happens :) happy weekend sweetie!

  4. You stopped by and commented on murky waters. I'm not certain, but it seems that may allude to your previous post where the waters look quite murky under the fog. Rowing, huh? Brave soul.

    The above photos are awesome. It's like looking at a fractured mirror that still holds the pieces in place. And the way we can glimpse the people below is incredible! I'm glad you stopeed by so I would end up here.
    As for being late, my motto is better late than never.

  5. Great!!! These reflections are amazing. I especially like the last one.

  6. Quite amazing...absolutely astounding. I'm really glad they weren't lost, too!

  7. Hooray for finding photo treasures! Hey my laptop just died too. The effect in the last photos is simply reflection, shot directly into a swimming pool.

  8. great effect! i would love to see that building in person.

  9. Yay, I like these! Hope your weekend was fabulous!?

  10. Ninja - these are amazing buildings AND photographs. You hit the jackpot with these reflections. Wow!

  11. Niña, esto es espectacular!! Bravissima!

  12. Hi Ms. Ninja,
    So happy to see your shining view, I love the last photo especiaially, the shapes remind me of the Statue of Liberties crown, looking down...

    A delayed thank you, for your thoughtful comment and article you shared.
    Sorry I haven't been around, but finally happy to start catching up after a definitely reflective time...
    love and bright days to you,



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