Sunday, 3 July 2011

a late box of tricks and growth. slowly but surely.

Hullo everybody. I cannot believe I have missed this week's corner view! Hang, on, let me rephrase that... I have surely missed my good share of corner views over the years. I am pretty crap at continuity. 
Right, that established, back to what I meant to say, which is that I cannot believe I missed this corner view in particular. I mean, box of tricks-cajón desastre. Potato-potato. Tomato-tomato.

Boo hoo. Silly ninja. Again, a stupidly overdue cv for this week. Adding insult to injury, I am also recycling an old post. An introduction to la ninja, a box of tricks, a lazy way out? Whatever you choose to make out of it. I am easy, like Sunday morning. Here: la ninja bloguera.

Right, onto greener pastures or, rather greener balconies (which I have just cleaned after weeks of neglect, rain and bleh weather.) Got a fright by a "giant" moth living behind some sticks and found a few rolled-up and dead caterpillars on the radishes. Is that a good sign? 
A few more interrogatives (sorry, I know, long time no ninja and now here I am bombarding you with questions): 

How long does it take a cucumber to actually grow? 
Are those radishes ready at all? 
Why are the bloody jays eating my strawberries? The bastards.
The olive tree has bloomed for the first time in about 4 years. (Hooray.) Do you reckon I shall be able to make extra vergine olive oil soon? Ha.
Last but not least... After all these years up North, will my feet ever tan again?

Have a lovely rest of Sunday, people of the Interwebs. At least those in my hemisphere and time zone. The rest of you, I hope you have had/will have a lovely one too. (What a malarkey this globalisation business is.)


  1. 1) I can't keep up with CV either, I'm trying, but I'm crap as well.
    2) Blue Jays steal our (semi-feral) cats dry food.
    3) Tanning/tan feet are over rated.

    Fun to see a post by the Ninja again! xo

  2. I haven't done Corner View in months - I don't even know where to find out what the topic is - it's got that bad!!

    My tomatoes are flowering - lots and lots of flowers and then the flowers shrivel up and drop off and there are no baby tomatoes - boo....

    Tanned feet - I am forever true Scottish style I am so white I am translucent.....

  3. digamos que la versión colectivizada me tiene mas motivada que la individual. no tienes vacaciones en el horizonte?

  4. great Scot woman... I hate large moths and would have fallen off the balcony. No your feet will never tan again.
    I haven't CV'd in ages cos I'm crap like that too.

  5. Niña ninja:
    someone had to eat your strawberries, if the jays don't do eat I will. Even if I have to catch a plane and come over :P
    If the olive tree give you olives, make Olive oil! Following your lovely Lemonade picture advise.
    About the growth of the cucumber: it depends on the kind(guess).
    big kiss

  6. oh, i'm so impressed with your garden! and that olive tree is a right beauty!

    (i don't even know how many corner views i've missed now, i'm totally out of the loop...)

  7. Know what? I am a slacker CV'er, too. I feel that you might just go ahead and post a belated box of tricks. We will all read it just like it was on time. Miss you, Ninja!

  8. it looks very green there, a little oasis in northern europe.


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