Monday, 23 January 2012

sprouting the winter away

I have just deleted a whole post. Hooray, let's start again.
Well, I suppose that was my cue to keep it short. Here it goes, a couple of homely pictures as I do not seem to be doing much lately.
It has been so rainy and windy that I have spent most of the weekend indoors. I have watched three films, roasted hazelnuts, re-potted my hollyhocks (in the hope they bloom this spring), had a (third!) go at thumbprint biscuits -still not very thumbprinty but less disastrous than the previous times, read lots of articles, listened to De Botton on Atheism while shaving my legs (sorry, true story), watched Ted Talks, accidentally deleted photos from the phone sd card (boo), read bits of books, cooked the above meal on Sunday evening (how cool is that view from outside the oven door!), wrote cards, surfed the wavy net and had a peek into all your lives. Then... Boom: Monday.
It must be winter.

I have joined these lovely two in their everyday life picture tour, I had already joined them on their what's in your bag blog tour some time ago. I do not "join" much (antisocial ninja), but I like those two unpretentious, rare, fun duo. Go on, I dare you to spot la ninja.

Lots of dragon talk on the Interwebs today. That boy reminded me of this one. Ta, pet.


  1. Thought the wind/rain was going to blow me ol' roof off this weekend! Same-same for you as well I see. Like your indoor activities and preoccupations :^) Hollyhocks...
    Baci baci

  2. Gorgeous blog. I love your honesty and your stories. I also love ninjas so double kudos to you. I'm coming to Amsterdam in a few weeks- any suggestions? By the way- I eat the goat and play with the slinky until a ninja comes to save me.

  3. I'm envious of your cool oven door - I wonder whether if I cleaned mine more often I'd see disco lights through it! :)

  4. oh shoot, to lose a whole post. how very boring. good on you to post in spite of it, i tend to sulk afterwards...

    and: brussels sprouts are the best!

  5. Rainy weekends has an strange effect on us. Coles de You are becoming a cooking ninja!


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