Thursday, 5 April 2012

work and play

How cool is it that I was about to post this vid I got from the boy (and he, in turn, via wimp, a favourite of his) when I thought I had not checked what the theme for c.v. this week was.
"Work and play", it happens to fit perfectly. Hooray.

I really love the teacher's attitude throughout the whole thing. Particularly at the very end. Class (and this pun was really not intended).

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  1. I LOVED this. We need more pranksters in the class rooms.

    And that teacher is ace!


  2. Haha, wish we'd have such interruption during our lecture one day! ;o)

  3. quick question to you wordpress bloggers.
    any idea why your blogs ask me to introduce a password when leaving a comment? I'm commenting from a domain so... why should I need a password? any clues? gracias.

  4. Cool teacher and that wimp looks addictive :) Thanks for your email <3

  5. unfortinatly i gave my boxes to my daughter, because she had non and as a real puber she needed them more than me to listen to i can watch it, but without sound!
    but to see at the other reactions it must have been a great video!

  6. That was so cool. I loved the prof's response. I would have been laughing so hard, it might have taken me awhile to resume teaching!:>) My students would have loved it too.

  7. Video stopped here at 17 secs - all I can say is that universities in the US have amazing classrooms. I don't think spaces like those have been built at all in this country since the roman amphitheaters!

  8. I loved this . . . especially the musicians providing the live soundtrack. Very funny. I wish things like that had happened in lectures when I was at university!


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