Sunday, 4 January 2009

a couple of random film notes...

How great is this vid?
It was a tip from boy. The maker's a young (and needless to say) talented young Dutch artist.

Sideways and Happy Go Lucky, two films I love, love, love and I've watched again this w-end (was rainy and 'orrible outside so hey!)


  1. Dear Guru,

    You are my light, you are the path to follow. Today I saw Sideways in a shop for 3 pounds, so I had to buy it.

    Connecting people
    eva xx

  2. Shit, now the pressure's on!
    I hope you like it (had obviously underestimated the implications of this newly-acquired "guruness" of mine!)
    Wax on, wax off! xx

    PS Have you considered working on your "anonymity", dear?


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