Sunday, 4 January 2009

"easy cake" for a pro!

Here's a little summat I got a friend yesterday at a supermarket in Chinatown!
She's really into her cake-baking (and when I write "into it" I mean INTO IT big time: staying up all hours baking, making everything from scratch, combing the city to find real lard, that sort of affair...) so I'm sure she's going to love it, raaaaaaaaaaaa!

She really appreciated this (a link boy shared, check out the videos) so I can't wait to experience first hand (the tasting bit I'm not so sure about) the end result of this "nouvelle cuisine" experiment!

(On another note, let's see whether I can manage to both write a non-food+drink post next plus (in)formally introduce the blog -when I find out how this all actually works! :)

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