Saturday, 24 January 2009

knowing one's onions...?

I'm re-visiting the title of a previous post even though, apart from the pungent edible bulbs in question, both posts have pretty little in common.

Right, setting: pub, Friday after work with a few colleagues. A few snacks to go with the drinks were ordered. One of the favoured nibbles was cheese, which
generally gets served accompanied by a generous dollop of strong mustard to dip in. This time it also came with a complementary side-kick of pickled onions (or silver uitjes), which are normally bite-size. These were huge!

Please see images depicting fingers of volunteers to demonstrate hugeness of said onion (the photos were taken with my mobile phone and are, therefore
, somewhat lacking in quality... but come to think of it, not much worse than some others I've shown here before, actually!).

Later on, a second plate of cheese was ordered and, to the delight and amusement of those present,
one of the pickled onions was even bigger than those of the previous batch. The last picture is just me, the technical wiz (not!) discovering silly options of the camera phone.

Moral of the story: Contrary to what I had stated here before, I do not seem to know my onions.


  1. jeje, I had almost forgotten about the GIANT ONIONS!! I have to say the 'nasmaak' (no idea what that is in English...) was lighter than wat I (and my boyfriend) feared.
    Ciao ciao

  2. After taste? I'm glad it wasn't, Simo, ha ha!
    I didn't even dare trying them, me... Wimp that I am! ;)


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