Tuesday, 27 January 2009

sweets for my sweets...

A couple of piccies of the biscuits I (me, me, little me!!) made for a friend on her b-day in December! It was my first time ever making biccies but I think she liked them (even though they were far from perfect, I sort of wrecked half of them (of the ones that weren't already too burnt, that is) on the way there on the bike, and I was pretty late for our lunch date! Oh yeah, I also ended up covered in flour, the kitchen looked like a disaster area and I probably hadn't sworn that much in days, and I am pretty consistent at that!) Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... Okay, not quite your Domestic Goddess yet, Nige, but beware of la ninja!!! :)

A few days later, another December b-day celebration (I hadn't made anyone blow candle(s) on a cake for ages!) with another lovely friend. It was defo a sweet month, this last December!

This is also one (too) sweet post, but hey, I reckon it's the influence of all this food-blogging lark, I blame you all!


  1. I can see that the force is strong in you, young Padawan baker!

  2. Ha ha ha... wax on, wax off (I know, I know, not same Force, but had to go and search for that bloody obscure (for me!) Jedi reference, man! Cannot turn into an accomplished baker ninja and an accomplished nerd ninja in one go, like!

  3. Wow, when you said at lunch you were into food, I did not know you were THAT into food. Respect, Son! Donatellina

  4. It's just biccies, D! But ta! :)


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