Friday, 16 January 2009

place it on the map

"Should we meet at the place?"
"Which place, my place?"
"No, not your place, the place!"
"The place? Which place?
Your place?"
"No, man, THE Place!!!"

Guess what Plaats means in Dutch (go on, three guesses)! Lovely name for a... place, really!

Okay, in all fairness (and according to the Van Dale), it can also mean square which, again, is nothing short of genius! Fancy having a square called Square! But... hang on a minute, there IS a square called Square, or Plein, in Dutch!

I just love the simplicity of it all! I honestly do!


  1. hahahhaa, en serio? really? echt? Plaats? haha

  2. en serio! seriously! echt waar! ;)


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