Friday, 20 February 2009

birds of a "leather"...

The images above, one illustrating a ban on smooching at a railway station in the U.K. and the other warning about... a bird with a rubber fetish (!), have been taken from this repertoire, which is going straight into my favourites. A whole series dedicated to signs ranging from funny to weird to, sometimes, venturing into the blatantly idiotic. By origin, some of them could have been shown (and perhaps are) here, another ninja fave.

However, it reminded me of one of the many and varied reasons
why I started this "cajón de sastre": to post/share/publish stuff I probably wouldn't otherwise. So, high time to stick some of the silly pics I've been taking over the years. I just had a quick browse at my collection and decided upon the below, taken in Barcelona outside a bar. Just ace.
I fear non-Spanish speakers may miss the undertone, but hey! It basically reads "No touching or pulling up the plants or I'll cut your hands off". Yup, just like that!

I love a good random sign, me (and, apparently, I'm not alone)!

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