Friday, 20 February 2009

make way, "pushing" through!

I planted these babies at the very end of November (apparently also "pushing" it well into the dangerous time for planting). It's the first time I've ever engaged in this potty business in my attempt to pimp the balcony a bit. There's three layers of them (three different sorts of bulb) in a big pot, at different depths and I was promised they'd all come out at different times and different heights during spring... SPRING!!!

It's February in the North of Europe.
Is this supposed to already be happening?
Did I, by any chance, get the "advanced" sort of bulb?

Are they going to freeze and die before spring? (I'd like to kindly refer you to el drama de la margarita earlier this winter!)

What am I supposed to do?


I don't think I can take another death in the balcony this year!


  1. Don' count on me for help, I KILL plants, that's what I do. Just a few words of empathy since some tiny white flowers (yes, flowers) have spurted out in one of the vases in our backyard. Dunno why. Dunno how. Miracle of nature, hey! Enjoy early spring on your balcony (and think about what you could plant in...spring, actually...)! Ciaoooooo

  2. Hey! It's taken me a while to reply, hasn't it?
    Anyway, I've heard on the grapevine (how appropriate, innit?) that there's quite a bit of early blooming going on around these parts, so it's all good! Hooray! :)

  3. I actually thought they were supposed to bloom now but I also kill plants so...(just realized my christmas (yeah, I know it's almost March) plant is missing...I think I have a murderer boyfriend at home!!! OMG!)

  4. Oh my poor Ms. Marple! Really? A murderous boy in the house? This definitely calls for serious (green/karma?) police action!

    Yup, apparently little bulbs are doing what they're supposed to, which is much more than what I can say about myself... Off I go to do sensible stuff... Or whatever! :)


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