Tuesday, 17 March 2009

le perm

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I saw this card a couple of months ago and immediately thought of L, a friend who lives and works between France and the Basque Country (and the rest of the globe, as a matter of fact!) and who sports a head full of mad curls! Naturally, I had to buy it for her. No other reason, just as a mad curl tribute.

he has often related to me (in that fabulously dramatic manner only she can master) that whenever she goes to the hairdresser's in her home town, they're always amazed at how much crap her hair can take year in, year out and astonished at the fact she hasn't lost her mane yet. I, for one, think it's marvellous she is not bald (but, apparently, what you have to do to your hair should you want pretty ringlets is well aggressive). Anyway... apart from the hair torture (and the fag-in-hand pose now I think of it) nothing else about the lady on this card looks remotely like the real slim and slender, always-on-the-go, fashionable, sassy L.

So, basically,
after all this time I seem to have gotten my act together and the card's getting out of the door and in the post first thing tomorrow morning. She's going to love it... not! ;)

¡Kaixo, bihotza! ¡Aupa esos rizos!

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