Tuesday, 17 March 2009

la primavera ha venido, nadie sabe cómo ha sido

Today this sight on the balcony made me smile first thing in the morning. HA! They are OUT!
Then, on my cycle to work I kept spotting these stickers below (a few different ones on different posts). On this particular one I, myself, read "HELLO my name is REKS" but I'm sure there's a much deeper, cooler, more creative and inspirational story behind it... or perhaps not! However, the main thing is that I saw, stopped and snapped at it (veni, vidi, shooti). No more crouching down against the elements, scarf tight like a bandage covering neck and face, gloved hands grabbing the handle bars and mouth profusely (if what muffled-ish) swearing!
Lately, the skies in the evening are just beautiful and my area looks wow again (it is a pretty wow neighbourhood though, I'll give you that)!
I've also noticed people are getting playful, mischievous and artistic on the streets.

All VERY good signs of things to come.
Hooray, it must be spring!
I officially declare winter to be over! La la la!

Note: "La primavera ha venido, nadie sabe cómo ha sido" or "Spring has come, nobody knows how it's happened" by Spanish poet Antonio Machado (obviously, it rhymes in Spanish!).

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