Wednesday, 4 March 2009

I hate...

...salary negotiations!

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  1. how was it?
    this is something that I hate too.
    this is why everytime I have to negotiat I take with me a baseball bat (just in case the boss doesn't agree).
    I have ever had any need of using it!
    It's just to seem scary and powerful.
    ninjita YES YOU CAN!

  2. Hola!

    I think it's something e-ve-ry-bo-dy hates, really (unless, of course, you're a natural-born-killer negotiator)!

    I just find it a bit of a drag 'cos they start with a ridiculous offer and then you have to go (in a very affected pantomime-style manner): "Oh my! What you're offering is insultingly low!". You then go home, "think" about it and get back to them with a counter. At this point they utter the (also very affected) well-know pantomime-style standard reply: "Oh my! But what you are asking for is impossibly high" and so on and so forth!

    Basically, it's a bit like buying a kilim at the bazaar but with your salary. You know they're having you on but you still have to play the game if you want in!

    Un rollo, vamos! :)
    Thanks for the moral support, though!

    Oh yeah, and with the current crunch lark, it's going to be even more promising this year! Ha ha! :)


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