Friday, 6 March 2009

kitty ninj... so very "to catch a thief"

I found this by chance (checking out some hilarious comment someone had left for somebody else somewhere else, as you do) and I now covet it!

Here's where I first saw it this morning (while in pursue of the funny comment) and you can buy it over here. The delightful description made me want it even more:

"Be cute on the down-low in our ninja kitty hat, and slink unseen through the night. In midnight black fleece, with a soft cotton mask for comfort on your secret expeditions. Back ear tufts for an extra tough of cute. Our medium size fits most (ninjas with well-endowed heads will want the large). Matching kitty tails are also available."

Matching kitty tails, they have matching kitty tails!!! Here, check the matching kitty tails out!!!

Right, if you just give me a minute to compose myself... Sorry, I just let my emotions get the better of me, moment of weakness. Needless to say that no serious "slinking-unseen-in-da-night-ninja" can afford even been seen sporting something as trite and common as a pink or leopard tail.

Oh, how I'd love to be able to be a proper cat burglar or something... The thing is I'm not that daring a ninja, you see, but please no grassing, okay? I'm afraid, the below is as near as I'll ever get to a cat burglar!

(as seen at boing boing)

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