Monday, 23 March 2009

la petite (pissed off) botaniste

Yesterday spring really seemed to have sprung. I noticed the second batch of bulbs I had planted back in November was coming out (one big pot, three sorts of bulb, three layers, three depths). They are bloody tiny but still... Result!!!
Suddenly, I remembered about the herbs I was given in a bar one night during the Xmas hols back home... yup! It's actually much less dodgy than it sounds. Some bizarre promotion was going on at 3am: by drinking a particular brand of gin you got one of this ready-to-grow-herbs-in-a-sachet. I am not a gin drinker but, somehow, ended up taking two of these packs home even though I spent all night drinking caipiroscas... Perhaps that was precisely the reason! ; ) Anyway, it had totally slipped my mind that I had chucked them in an empty plant pot in the balcony until yesterday. I cannot stress this enough but it really looked like spring was here so, emboldened as I was by the apparent bulb success, I decided to put my green fingers on once more and give them a go. (Not that it is really that hard: you simply cut the top off, throw the seeds in, cover, water them and ta-da! But hey, still requires an effort).

However, I'm not sure the gale force winds whipping through the house as I type, together with the hail aggressively pattering on the window panes, are a good sign. Winter's back with a passion (the bastard!) but I really really hope it's not taking my (very very first) mini envelope herb garden away. Come on, I'm really trying to sort that balcony out! Working my gardening gloves off here!!!

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