Sunday, 22 March 2009


I hadn't made popcorn in a seriously long time. I had nearly forgotten the wonderful sound it makes pop, pop, poporopop po pop and how amazingly pretty it looks... mad crazy food!! (Oh yeah, and it tastes good too!)
As the boy would say (and probably did say yesterday while I was too busy cooing over my palomitas) "GOOD STUFF"!!!!

Note: "Palomitas" is popcorn in Spanish. Literally, it means "little doves" ; )


  1. Dunno about the actual food, but the name is fantastic - palomitas!

  2. "Innit"?
    But they are fantastic and they taste great too. Magic how from shiny amber tiny pebbles they pop into white fluffy palomitas! Crazee! :)

    By the way, have you discovered the secret of the secret post (valga la redundancia)? No-one else seems to...


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