Sunday, 22 March 2009

really taken a shine to my new friend here!

Hello gorgeous!!
The story goes thus: I bought myself a very similar bracelet, probably three years ago now, at Camden Market in London, after getting off the tube at Chalk Farm just because we liked the name (and wondering whether, in the past, one could actually grow chalk and whether it would sprout in furrows in the ground or hang from trees ready to be picked; would it later be processed and bleached or was organic chalk white by nature?) running down Primrose Hill and having great day out with the lovely Miss P.
It was silver and beautiful, made of leather but painted/sprayed in a way it made it look metallic. I loved it. However, I lost it. In Málaga. Last year. Somewhere between leaving the bags at the hostel, going out for a bite and coming back. No idea how, when or where. Only thing is it was nowhere to be found the next morning. I was gutted. (I know, it sounds all very melodramatic and superficial but some things you're just very fond of and I don't lose stuff often.)

When I mentioned it to lovely E (who happens to live in London as well), she offered to go to Camden and get me another one. I had forgotten all about it when I got this jiffy bag in the mail (containing said bracelet + silly card) two weeks ago. It really made my day! Not only
'cos I am again the proud owner of a beautiful and shiny bracelet (this time a warmer, brassier shade), but because I love all kinds of epistolary exchanges. I'm sure I've mentioned it here before but it really makes me happy sending my friends cards and little knick knacks in the post. I really miss that a lot and I find the whole electronic correspondence (let alone all that social networking malarkey) has killed the snail mail star!
It makes me go a bit postal... sometimes! ; )

De veritat, em va fer molta ilu, però ja ho saps tu això, oi?
Merci, Polka Dot E! :)


  1. This looks gorgeous, will you wear it this week so that I can see it live???

  2. Polka Dot al aparato!
    Very happy because you are happy and even happier because it is the first time I am in a blog with an honourific distinction!

    And yes, I miss the letters I used to send on holidays to my friends when I was a teen... long time ago... we could start a new movement. The post it revolution?

    Lots of love

  3. Hola nena,

    So, basically, everybody's happy & everybody wins! That's the spirit! Hip hip hooray!

    Let's do it. Let's start the post it revolution! Only, I reckon we need a non-trademarked name but I'm all up for it! Watch that mail box of yours!

    Achu Chones


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