Wednesday, 29 April 2009

losing a button: a basket case & lots of flowers

Boo hoo! I lost the middle button of my left shoe yesterday.
I know it happened during my cycle to work in the morning. I decided not to use my new bike basket (it makes the bike rattle and I was told this weekend that cycling like that was a bit silly and dangerous, oops!). Therefore, I kept my (too heavy) bag hanging from the left handlebar. I'm sure that's what knocked the button off the shoe as I remember the bag hitting me a couple of times.

On my way back home I kept my eyes peeled in a vain attempt to spot it on the road somewhere (nine hours later, wishful bloody thinking!) or somewhere amidst the grass in the park. I am a fool, I know, but stranger things have happened.

Well, this may just be the perfect opportunity to put into practice my soon-to-be-acquired sewing skills. My born-organiser-good-at-bringing-people-together friend, Ms. Thang M, has convinced a bunch of us to enrol in an all-day sewing workshop next month. I'd been thinking about doing something on that line myself forever so I jumped at the (perfect) chance.

I have attempted the odd stint at needle holding in the past (mainly brooches and the odd accessory on a top) but I tend to be slothful by nature so this will give me the much needed kick on the old butt to get going.

Every cloud has a silver lining, right? New buttons on not-so-new (and a bit knackered but much loved) shoes is as good a start as any!

And now for something completely different. These are the beautiful flowers we got our friends M & W, who had us over for dinner on Saturday. I also got myself some (even though I already had some red tulips at home) as they were gorgeous. Couldn't resist them (not only am I slothful, but also envious by nature).
We were extremely late (and I don't mean fashionably late, I mean nearing rude late...) but we had pretty flowers with us... af if!
And here's a quick snap (mobile photo in more than one way) of the two-wheeled flower bearer.


  1. Curious to see what you will find for your lovely shoes! Will you let us know?!

    The flowers you talk about are called "renoncules" in French, which is a hideous term in its sonority, if you ask me. The flowers are just gorgeous though and come in so many colors I would not know my favorite ;-) Have a nice Queen's Day!

  2. I think they are called ranunculus (or a variation of) in every language (or in most), really! Love them too!

    The shoe "project" may turn to be one of those eternal work in progress things... I can already envisage that! ;)

    Jij ook, fijne KD!!


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