Friday, 1 May 2009

a whole new (foot)ball game

¡¡Las pelotas, Cli Cli, las pelotas!!

A few weeks ago I read in passing on a networking site (still believe them to be potentially harmful when not used well) that ex-colleague and creative bird C was asking whether anyone had any punctured balls (!!) lying about. As you do.

When I inquired further she explained she'd gotten inspiration while visiting a jewellery fair and wanted to have a go at making something using old leather footballs herself. Her usual tactic seems to be just popping by her local football club and begging for any balls that are kaput. She also mentioned that they are rather drab, your traditional black and white sort.
At that moment, I thought to myself: "I may know just the person"; a certain someone who works at a small creative agency, outside the city centre, where they play footie during their lunch break. I asked him and, hey presto, colourful balls ahoy!

Miss C has been dying to get her hands on them and was dead excited to hear there was a pink one too! I, myself, find the golden one particularly gorgeous.
Right, Cli Cli, I know you are away on a long weekend and will not read this until you are back. Just wanted to let you know the hand-over has been successful. The ball is rolling. I've passed them on so that you can collect "las pelotitas" next weekend. Hooray!
Cannot wait to see what you create this time!

I love the jewellery C makes with recycled materials. I am the proud owner of one of her bicycle-tyre necklaces. You can visit her at kklak.

Note: Many thanks to the unofficial football supplier, much appreciated (nogmaals bedankt, hoor!) and to the selfless messenger-lady M (¡muchas gracias a ti también, eh, salerosa!).


  1. Hola Sonieta!
    How beautiful are these balls?!?!? Even the blue one I like, and the yellow, and the GOLD! Far much better than what I get at my usual football dealers... Thank you so much you both (and, M. thank you too of course for the transportation).
    I also feel the pressure of your high expectations on my work though... but I won't let you down ;)
    Muchisimas gracias y paselo bien en Barcelona!!! Clizia

  2. Holaaaaaa,

    Aren't they just? I even got a bit teary-eyed when I had to let them go... They looked so pretty and shiny sitting on a shelf in front of the books! ;)

    Nah, no pressure at all. I'm sure whatever you make with them will be just great and, in a way, it's a fantastic way of giving the balls a brand new utility (and probably a better one than being kicked all day long!). You know I really like your recycling spirit!

    Right, bellina, I'm off to have dinner!

    See you soon!
    la ninja

    Oh yeah! Nearly forgot! Many thanks for the necklace (I got it this morning!)


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