Wednesday, 5 August 2009

nice one, buster!

I had totally forgotten all about summery outdoors cinema screenings. But, of course, it IS the summer and they are starting to pop up all over the city like every year.

Friends tipped us about "The General", a 1926 Buster Keaton film showing last Friday and it sounded like a plan... It definitely was. Fabulous comedic rhythm, old-fashioned (yet not that dated) plot, beautiful photography... Not to forget, a bunch of adults giggling (snorting with laughter on occasion) outside on a summer evening.
This are a few sneakily-taken shots of the massive inflatable screen. The first one against the summer sky above the park with the moon in the background (left, far, far away).

Note: The quality of the pics is rather drab 'cos I was trying to be inconspicuous and to not annoy other people with the glow of my camera (that's my excuse anyway).
Can you actually believe that silly mark on my feet, though? I reckon I tanned like that (by accident) two summers ago and I still haven't managed to get rid of it. They look pretty manky. They were not.


  1. I still haven't been to a drive-in movie yet...hoepfully someday soon :)

  2. I love those tree chandaliers! That's my favorite view in Amsterdam, hands down. It's just magical.

    Demara --- having grown up in a town that still had a drive-in movie theater (not any more, though), I can wholeheartedly reccomend the experience. It's worth going out of your way for.

  3. Demara: Neither have I, actually :)
    This is, in fact, not at a drive-in but at the park.
    There are a couple of open air film festivals in the summer and are generally held in the middle of a square, park, pier... that sort of space (actually the best one I've been to was years ago in Barcelona, at an outdoor pool overlooking the city where you could swim at night afterwards!).

    Maritita: I know, they are bloody fabulous, aren't they? I only wish I had taken a better picture.

  4. I have never been in a outdoor cinema. Our weather in summer is not very good, so few times they have tried, no summer cinema for us.

  5. Watching movies under the stars is so much fun!

  6. ibb: it can be pretty rubbish here too (tropical Amsterdam... not) but we persevere ;)
    actually, when you buy your tix, it generally states somewhere that should it rain, money back is the rule (it has hapenned before. often.)

  7. This looks like "life in bag". Is that a used expression or just in my head? Anyway, i would love to sit on a blanket, a warm summer evening (with funny tanned feet), watching Buster Keaton. Great post!

  8. not sure about the "life in bag" bit but I think I know what you mean. tack. ;)


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