Saturday, 8 August 2009

ninjas vs luchadores

Fab design by Michael Valadares Ferreira.

Unfortunately, the tee seems to be sold-out.
It would have been the perfect pressie for my Mexican friend G. I actually think I can see her behind that red mask brandishing a cactus as weapon.
I would, most probably, be the ninja sitting on the floor, totally knackered, hyperventilating and being climbed on by a dozen or so enmascarados.


  1. oh wow THX I love Tees like!

  2. Oh, just read a book you might like (I should say it's a kids book) called 'Wink! The Ninja Who Wanted to be Noticed' It was super cute!

  3. it IS cool, isn't it? :)

    you're not calling me an "little-attention-seeking-ninja-brat" now, are you MODperson? ;P
    (just kidding, will definitely check it out as I like good children's fiction)

  4. they are so cute....where can you get them

  5. Qué gracia! es el dibujo que tengo como fondo de escritorio en el trabajo.^-^


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